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INSURANCE KNOW THY NEIGHBORS? Ignorance is Bliss, Until the Board Discovers a Criminal is Living in the Community Association I t is 10 p.m. You finally turn off the TV when your iPhone dings, indicating an e-mail has arrived. You check your cell and the anxiety kicks in as it is another e-mail from Ms. Smith. After living in the association for 10 years, you decided to accept the president position. After being in office for less than a month, you have already received 20 plus e-mails from Ms. Smith. The voice in the back of your head immediately reacts with, what is it this time? Modern technology is a blessing and a curse for a community association board and its manager. Just when you think everything is perfect, the budget is done, no unit owners are in arrears, the reserve study is reasonably funded, and a great manager is keeping everyone happy, Ms. Smith makes another demand on an issue the board had never considered. The Information Ms. Smith, owner of condo unit 2A, is an avid internet surfer. She has the greatest intention to make sure the condominium is safe for her children and neighbors. One evening, Ms. Smith decided to Google the names of everyone in the condominium. Lo and behold, Tom Jones in 5G has spent time in the state-run community association where the unit doors are made of iron bars. In other words, he has a criminal record, apparently ranging from sexual assault, to forgery, to credit card fraud, to cyber stalking. To make things even more interesting, Mr. Jones is currently charged with car-jacking, for which he is awaiting trial and is out on bond. The Delivery Ms. Smith sends the information she has discovered to the board president and the community manager. Ms. Smith, who has two teenage daughters, demands that the board force Mr. Jones to move, or at a minimum, send this information to all the unit owners. 52 Condo Media • September 2013

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