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Self-Managed AssoCIATIon BoArds by Patricia Brawley, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Y ou have just returned from your condominium’s annual meeting and you are celebrating. You were elected to the board of trustees. Change has finally come to your community. The old regime was defeated and the unit owners voted for you to lead them. That heady feeling of success is making you giddy. After a good night’s sleep, you start to think about the challenges that you will face as a trustee. As the rosy glow of your election begins to fade, you worry that your lack of experience will be a problem. You are a real “people” person, which is why you won the election, but you have no professional skills that you can bring to the board. In fact, you are not sure if you even have a set of condominium documents. When you are on the board of a selfmanaged association, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Getting elected was the easy part; doing a good job is going to require hard work, energy, and commitment. And most important of all in a self-managed association, fulfilling your responsibilities as trustee means putting personal feelings aside and using good judgment in making decisions that are in the best interests of the community. Getting the Lay of the Land First of all, as a member of a selfmanaged board, you must understand how a condominium trust is set up. The trustees are charged with serving the unit owners, as the beneficiaries of the trust. Each board does have decisionmaking power, but under very specific authority. Beyond the documents, local, and state regulations, the board of trustees has certain duties imposed by common or statutory law. The law of agency 58 Condo Media • September 2013

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