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VENDOR SPOTLIGHT Flynn Law Group A One-Stop Shop for Residential Law by Pamela Schweppe T here's an old saying that, if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. If that's true, then Frank Flynn has never worked a day in his life - even though he brings 24 years of experience in real estate law to his newly formed law firm, the Flynn Law Group. While still a student Boston College Law School, Flynn began his career at the Legal Assistance Bureau (LAB), representing indigent clients - many of whom were tenants. "I had a lot of great victories," he recalls. "That would probably shock a lot of my residential landlord clients now." Knowing of this experience, his next employer made him the go-to person for eviction cases, and Flynn soon found that his caseload included as many as 120 such cases a month. "It was great experience," Flynn affirms. "I loved it." From there, Flynn joined a firm specializing in commercial and residential real estate law, before going into partnership with another attorney to form a practice that enjoyed success for 20 years. A Brand-New Firm With Decades of Experience Now that he and his former partner have come to a cordial parting of the ways, Flynn is proud to announce the grand opening of his new law firm, Flynn Law Group. Located in downtown Boston, the new firm serves clients throughout Massachusetts, as well as Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Flynn Law Group specializes in the real estate industry, including condominium 44 Condo Media * Advertisement law. In addition, the firm handles residential and commercial real estate cases, including landlord/tenant issues. "We're a one-stop shop," he says. In all, the firm is staffed by five "very experienced" attorneys, as well as four full-time paralegals and an office manager. Expert in Associations' 8 Most Common Service Areas From his experience in real estate law, Flynn has identified eight areas where Flynn Law Group can provide essential services to condominium clients. First and foremost is collections. "There's a specialized procedure under the superlien [a Massachusetts law that protects associations against delinquent fees]," Flynn explains. A second common complaint among condominium associations is what Flynn calls "issues such as misconduct" by unit owners or tenants. He gives as an example a case in which a unit owner who owned a snowplowing business would park his equipment on association property. In such cases, Flynn likes to make use of the "notice of misconduct" segment of the condominium statute. While many associations simply impose a fine, Flynn prefers to make use of this often-neglected part of the statute, because it puts the unit owner on notice and makes him or her responsible for attorney fees if the case goes to court. In this case, the notice of misconduct was sufficient to resolve the problem. Reviewing and amending condominium documents is another area where Flynn Law Group can provide value to clients. In one recent case, a unit owner in a 10-unit complex decided to rent out his unit as a B&B. "People were parking in the wrong spots, people were wandering around the building - it created havoc, as you can imagine," Flynn says. By amending the documents to prohibit short-term rentals, he was able to resolve the situation. Attending annual meetings is Flynn Law Group's fourth area of focus. Flynn finds this especially important when amendment votes are on the agenda, so that he can be on hand to explain the proposed changes and answer questions. Fifth, Flynn Law Group is expert in fair housing and discrimination laws and in ensuring that associations comply with their provisions. In fact, a growing part of the practice is defending discrimination lawsuits and analyzing reasonable accommodation requests from disabled residents. The final three areas of concentration that Flynn has identified in condominium law all involve contracts: vendor contracts, management contracts, and construction contracts. Flynn stresses that all association contracts should be reviewed by attorneys, and while his firm always works well with property managers, they never lose sight of the fact that the association is the client and that their advice is always given with the client's best interest in mind. Emphasis on Practical Law Underlying everything Flynn Law Group does is a fundamental philosophy: doing a great job for a reasonable price. "We want to have clients for 20 years, and for that, we have to develop

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