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N e w s C A I CAI N E W S Inside: 6 Membership News 8 Upcoming Events 14 Maine News 16 Massachusetts News 18 New Hampshire News 20 Rhode Island News 22 Vermont News MEMBERSHIP NEWS CAI LAC Basics Most Frequently Asked Questions What is a LAC? LAC stands for Legislative Action Committee. A LAC is CAI's official voice with legislators and regulators in a state. A LAC allows CAI to speak with one voice on legislative and regulatory matters that affect community associations, community association managers, and CAI business partners. A LAC is made up of a balance of CAI members and appointees from within a state. The LAC is a committee of CAI's national office and is a partner with CAI's chapters within its state. There are currently LACs in all New England states. How is a LAC structured? A LAC is made up of CAI members. Each LAC must have a balance of CAI members so that no one membership category has a majority of seats on the LAC. A LAC ranges in size of no less than six members with a maximum of 20 members. Each LAC is made up of a mix of chapter delegates and at-large delegates. Why are LACs committees of CAI's national office? The Board of Trustees (BOT) structured LACs as a committee of CAI's national organization to ensure that CAI advocates for consistent public policy positions across the country as guided by our member-developed public policy statements. Also, because the LAC represents all members of 6 Condo Media * May 2014 CAI within a given state, regardless of their "home" chapter, this structure ensures that there is oversight in the LAC activities on the legislative front but also in the LACs obligation to serve all of CAI chapters. Top Hits on the CAI-NE Website What is the official name of the LAC? In states where they operate, the LAC is referred to as the (state name) Legislative Action Committee. Can a LAC make a contribution to a candidate for office? No, because CAI's LACs are funded by a mandatory advocacy support fee charged to all members, federal law prohibits such funds from being contributed to political campaigns. All advocacy support fees are required to be used solely for LAC advocacy or support expenses. The CAI-NE website - - provides invaluable resources and information for volunteer board members and industry professionals. Check out the following pages. How does one get to serve on a LAC? * Condo Media: Subscribe LAC service is based on self-nominations. Nominations can be submitted to a chapter board or to the LAC itself during the appointment process. Nominations are reviewed and approved by the chapter or by the LAC, depending on the type of delegate position under consideration. All nominees approved by the LAC and chapter are given a final review and approval by the president of the BOT. LAC members serve at the discretion of the president of the BOT. CM * Program & Event Registration: Condo Forum & Expo * Industry News & Forms: Community Association Living * Why Join CAI: Join Today * Member Resources Resource Directory For more info about serving on a LAC and a nomination form, contact the chapter office at

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