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VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT Hitting a Double Ridgefield Condominium Trust Earns Awards for Its Newsletter and Special Events T he Ridgefield Condominium Trust hit the baseball equivalent of a double at CAI-NE's annual banquet this year. The 360-unit community in Clinton, Mass., walked away with awards in two categories: communications and special events. The communications award recognized the association's monthly newsletter, the Ridgefield Condominium Review, which one CAI-NE award judge described as "by far the best" of any of the entries submitted. The nomination form credited Patty Diaz, the association's office administrator and bookkeeper, with making the newsletter readable, visually appealing, informative, and engaging. "Owners look forward to receiving it every month," says Lauren Richards, the community's on-site manager, noting the newsletter provides a consistent source of information on which residents rely. Printing the newsletter in color has made a big difference, and the liberal use of pictures also adds to its appeal. "Seeing pictures of board members and other owners makes people feel as if they know their neighbors," Richards says. "It makes them feel connected to the community." Bringing People Together Ridgefield won the special events award for its "Summer Extravaganza," which clearly met the award criteria of "bringing residents together and fostering community spirit and inclusiveness." The primary purpose of this summer get-together for owners was to celebrate the installation of the community's new irrigation system - the culmination of a 14-year project financed entirely by owners' donations and fund-raising efforts. 36 Condo Media * July 2014 They didn't want this to come out of owners' pockets through higher common area fees or special assessments, says Nicole Revis, a Ridgefield board member. Highlighting the irrigation project, the extravaganza had a landscaping theme, reflected in the decorations (a centerpiece featured a longstemmed grass plant) and the programming. Since owners are responsible for maintaining their own lawns (representing a sizable portion of the community's 100 acres), one of the goals was to educate them about lawn maintenance and irrigation methods, Revis explains. So the board invited several owners with pictureperfect lawns to share their strategies with their neighbors. Residents attending the gathering received cards that were punched when they spoke with one of the gardeners, making the residents eligible to enter a raffle. The proceeds from the raffle (about $800) will go toward financing Ridgefield's next major Patty Diaz, Ridgefield Condominium Association office administrator/bookkeeper, accepts the communication award at the CAI-NE annual banquet. Frank Lombardi (r) presents the Special Events Award to committee members Tony Cucchi and Nicole Revis.

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