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LEGAL by Scott Eriksen, Esq. Hate to Burst Your Bubble To Avoid Unwanted Surprises, Do Your Homework First C ongratulations, you are or are about to be the proud new owner of a condominium unit in Massachusetts. My first home was a 700-square-foot condominium unit in a three-unit row house. It was conveniently located near great restaurants and within walking distance of my office at the time. Despite its small size, it felt like a castle, my castle. The thrill of first-time ownership was a wonderful feeling, and condominium ownership comes with many benefits: shared expenses for common maintenance, professional property management (in many cases), and a sense of community, to name just a few. But for the uninitiated or uninformed - as I was when I purchased my unit many years ago - condominium ownership may also be laden with unpleasant surprises. 38 Condo Media * July 2014

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Condo Media - July 2014
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Condo Media - July 2014