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CONDO MEDIA FEBRUARY 2015 Table of Contents 20 24 CAI NEWS 8 What's Happening in the Community CAI-NE to host Annual Chapter Dinner, CAI-NE chapter committees named, calendar of events, and more ASKED & ANSWERED 16 If a Tree Falls ... Who pays for the repairs? The answer is complicated. FEATURES 20 Have You Covered Why a community association needs umbrella liability insurance. [By Joel W. Meskin, Esq., CIRMS] 24 Up in the Air Is indemnification fair for associations or necessary for managers? [By Nena Groskind] 30 Insurance Coverage for Claims Management One carrier has begun offering significant coverage, and it seems possible that others will follow. An association insurance agent provides guidance and assistance. THE REGION 34 Maine Ductless systems offer advantages. [By Jack Carr, P.E., RS, LEED-AP] 36 Massachusetts The Drummer Boy decision should change the way associations pursue lien enforcement. 38 New Hampshire HOMEOWNER'S CORNER 18 An Expert Opinion 30 ASK A BUSY PERSON 56 Pete Garrett, CMCA, AMS, PCAM He's the owner of Maine Properties Inc., AAMC, and just acquired a small management company. New Hampshire condos may see a foreclosure remedy. [By Gary M. Daddario, Esq.] 40 Rhode Island The Prudent Investor Act establishes a duty of loyalty. [By Frank Lombardi, Esq.] RESOURCES VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT 42 The State House Beat Matthew Gaines, Esq., heads CAI's legislative watchdog team. 44 2015 CAI-NE Insurance & Restoration Directory 50 Classified Service Directory 50 Advertisers Index February 2015 1

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Condo Media - February 2015