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CONDO MEDIA AUGUST 2015 Table of Contents 18 CAI NEWS 8 What's Happening in the Community CAI-NE Golf Tournament, LAC delegate nominations, and more. ASKED & ANSWERED 14 Dealing With Guests Handling overcrowding at the association's amenities. HOMEOWNER'S CORNER 16 Prepare for Disaster Steps to take to keep you and your property safe. FEATURES 22 28 18 On the Rocks How to protect yourself when alcohol is served. [By Greg Pierce, CPA, LIA] 22 Revolving Door Condo communities grapple with growth of home-sharing services. [By Nena Groskind] 28 A Hard Lesson Learned Discrimination case results in a hefty penalty. [By Pamela Jonah, Esq.] ASK A BUSY PERSON 48 Joe Carleton, Esq. Some people practice law, some create it, and some manage to do both. RESOURCES THE REGION 32 Maine The Maine Condominium Act is amended. [By Bruce A. McGlauflin, Esq.] 34 Massachusetts Similar facts, different results with free speech in condos. [By Dean Lennon, Esq.] 42 Classified Service Directory 36 New Hampshire 43 Advertisers Index [By Gary M. Daddario, Esq.] The future of short-term rentals. 38 Rhode Island The many differences between condo and apartment agreements. VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT [By Frank A. Lombardi, Esq.] 40 Community Spirit Commitment to making connections earns Adams Farm a double award. August 2015 1

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Condo Media - August 2015