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CONDO MEDIA MAY 2016 Table of Contents 28 20 24 CAI NEWS FEATURES 8 What's Happening 20 Put Down Your Sword in the Community The Professional Manager Briefcase, calendar of events, Annual CAI-NE Golf Tournament, and more. Shaking hands with your neighbor will yield better results. [By Kathleen Marquis] 24 Industry Perspective ASKED & ANSWERED When Should You Call Your Attorney? 16 Off On Their Own Dealing With Rogue Board Members. 28 Loyalty and Duty Legal Obligations Define the Role of Trustees and Set High Standards for Them. HOMEOWNER'S CORNER [By Nena Groskind] 18 The Association Attorney Legal Counsel Plays An Integral Role. ASK A BUSY PERSON 56 Tony Chiarelli Tony Chiarelli meets anyone's definition of a "busy person." THE REGION 34 Maine Advice for new board members. [By Jack Carr, P.E., RS, LEED-AP] 36 Massachusetts When it comes to repairs, stick to long-term solutions. [By David Utti, Esq.] 38 New Hampshire A strong, familiar attorney/ association relationship is crucial. [By Gary M. Daddario, Esq., CCAL] 40 Rhode Island Understand the impact of drones on common interest communities. [By Veronica Viveiros, Esq.] VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT 42 Institutional Knowledge Attorney Doug Errico shares wisdom gained from a career in the industry. RESOURCES 44 2016 CAI-NE Legal Directory 49 Classified Service Directory 50 Advertisers Index May 2016 1

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Condo Media - May 2016

Table of Contents

Condo Media - May 2016