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LEAD ADVISORS Patrick Ebeling, MD Twin Cities Orthopedics, USA W. Hodges Davis, MD OrthoCarolina Foot and Ankle, USA GLOBAL ADVISORY BOARD Ashraf Abdelkafy, MD Suez Canal University, Egypt Philip E. Aylward, BM BCh, PhD Flinders Medical Centre, Australia Official Peer-Reviewed Highlights From the IFFAS/AOFAS 2014 David A. Barbie, MD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Jeroen J. Bax, MD, PhD Leiden University, The Netherlands Barry P Boden, MD . The Orthopedic Center, USA Erin A. Bohula, MD, DPhil FEATURES Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Marc P Bonaca, MD, MPH . Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA 4 Alfred Bove, MD, PhD Temple University, USA Controversies in Trauma Care of the Foot and Ankle David A. Braunreiter, MD Weill Cornell Medical College, USA CLInICAL TRIAL HIGHLIGHTS Matthew Cavender, MD, MPH Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Ramon Corbalán, MD 6 6 Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile Anthony J. Dalby, MB, ChB, FCP Milpark Hospital, South Africa Juliet DeCampos, MD Andrews Institute, USA Gaetano M. De Ferrari, MD University of Pavia, Italy Nihar R. Desai, MD, MPH 7 Yale University, USA Vrunda Bhavsar Desai, MD, FACOG Yale-New Haven Hospital, USA Jean-Pierre Després, PhD Université Laval, Canada Michael Farkouh, MD, MSc Peter Munk Cardiac Centre, University Health Network, Canada Vivian A. Fonseca, MD, FRCP Tulane University, USA Timothy J. Gardner, MD Christiana Care Center for Heart & Vascular Health, USA Leena Gandhi, MD, PhD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA 8 9 10 C. David Geier, MD Sports Medicine Specialists of Charleston, USA Gregory R. Giugliano, MD, SM 11 Baystate Medical Center, USA Robert P Giugliano, MD, SM . Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Shom Goel, MD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Wolfram Goessling, MD, PhD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Andreas Goette, MD EHRA Scientific Programme Committee Chair, 2013 Eva Gonçalvesova, MD, PhD Past-President, Slovak Society of Cardiology Shinya Goto, MD, FACC Tokai University School of Medicine, Japan 12 13 13 Steven Mark Greenberg, MD, PhD Chair, International Stroke Conference Sarah P Hammond, MD . 14 15 16 Brigham & Women's Hospital, USA David M. Jackman, MD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Nigel Key, MD University of North Carolina, USA Bindee Kuriya, MD, FRCPC, MS University of Toronto, Canada Matthew Latham Macer, MD Yale-New Haven Hospital, USA Megan C. Leary, MD Harvard Clinical Research Institute, USA Richard Lee, MD Duke University Medical Center, USA Milan Luknar, MD National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease, Slovak Republic Elena M. Massarotti, MD 16 18 Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Raymond Massay, MD Past-President, Caribbean Cardiac Society Otto Metzger, MD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Michael Micksche, MD University of Vienna, Austria Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH 19 20 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Jose Carlos Nicolau, MD, PhD, FACC 21 Heart Institute (InCor), Brazil Fausto Pinto, MD University of Lisbon, Portugal Elizabeth Seaquist, MD ADA President-Elect, Medicine & Science Minimally Invasive Sinus Tarsi Effective for Intra-Articular Calcaneal Fractures HA Injection, Dry Needling Equally Effective, Safe in Patients With Incurable Plantar Fasciitis PODO More Effective Than Weil Osteotomy in Reducing Pressure Under Second Metatarsal Study Questions Benefit of TAR Compared With AA Early and Delayed Weight-Bearing Outcomes the Same Following Microfracture MAST Is Safe and Effective in Treatment of Chondral Defects of Foot and Ankle Similar Functional Outcomes With Open and Minimally Invasive Gastrosoleus-Lengthening Techniques Incobotulinum Toxin A Effective in Treating Plantar Fasciitis c-hAM Comparable to Corticosteroids in Plantar Fasciitis Differences in Component Revision and Reoperation for Ankle Arthroscopy Implants Less Pain With MICA Osteotomy in Hallux Valgus Fresh Osteochondral Allograft for Ankle Arthroplasty Successful Re-replacement With Third-Generation Ceramic Talar Whole Prosthesis No Significant Difference in TAA Outcomes in Varus vs Neutral Ankles PROMIS PF CAT Provides Consistent Outcomes Assessment With Excellent Precision and Efficiency Comparable Outcomes With Total Ankle Arthroplasty and AAA Long-term Outcomes Improved With Column-Lengthening Procedures vs Arthroereisis No Difference in Outcomes With Ankle Arthrodesis vs Arthroplasty for Coronal Deformity Dylan L. Steen, MD Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA Sara Tolaney, MD, MPH SELECTED UPDATES Jacob A. Udell, MD, MPH 22 24 27 32 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Toronto General Hospital, Canada Andrew Wagner, MD, PhD Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA Daryle Wayne, PhD, ARNP, FPB-BC Pasco-Hernando State College, USA Jeffrey Weitz, MD McMaster University, Canada Patrick Ying, MD NYU Langone Medical Center, USA Uwe Zeymer, MD Klinikum Ludwigshafen and Institut für Herzinfarktforschung Ludwigshafen, Germany The Challenges of Midfoot Surgery Approaches for Treating Ankle Arthritis Revision Strategies for Ankle and Hindfoot Reducing Complications Associated With Surgical Correction of Forefoot Deformities PUBLISHER Jennifer Goodwin Schünemann Vice President, Publishing Beth Johnson Editorial Project Director Claire Stanton Project Managers Irene Berman-Vaporis Audrey Birkett Cindy Borch Developmental Editors Medical Writers Emma Hitt Nichols, PhD Toni Rizzo Jill Shuman Phil Vinall Society Relationship Manager Elizabeth Donohue Cover Designer Leonardo March Production Editor Stephanie Palermini Jennifer Bray Caroline Reich Umair Shafique, MSc Laura Ware Cover Image: Puwadol Jaturawutthichai/ Tel.: +1-617-370-8088 400 West Cummings Park Suite 4000 Woburn, MA 01801 USA The Publisher does not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information supplied herein, nor for any opinion expressed. 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ISSN 1559-8977 ISSN 2155-756X OFFICIAL PEER-REVIEWED HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE PEER-REVIEWED HIGHLIGHTS ORTHOPAEDICS President IN THIS ISSUE Controversies in Trauma Care of the Foot and Ankle Naoki Haraguchi, MD, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, spoke about a new concept regarding the pathomechanics and pathoanatomy of ankle fractures. Beginning in 1948, Lauge-Hansen classified ankle fractures into 13 subgroups according to the position of the foot at the time of the fracture (supination or pronation) and the direction of the force (adduction, abduction, or external rotation). A supination-external (S-E) rotation fracture is the most common type of ankle fracture. There are clinical inconsistencies to this definition, however, and a host of different studies from the 1960s to 1990s have been unable to reproduce a Lauge-Hansen S-E rotation-type fracture in experimental settings. See page 4. ALSO Surgical Correction of Forefoot Deformities Clinical Trial Highlights Approaches for Treating Ankle Arthritis

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