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PEER-REVIEWED HIGHLIGHTS HEmATOLOgy OffICIAL PEER-REvIEwEd HIgHLIgHTS fROm THE IN THIS ISSUE Distribution of this independent report is supported by Intrinsic Pathway of Coagulation Offers New Targets to Reduce Thrombosis The intrinsic pathway of coagulation, also called the contact activation pathway (CAP), represents a fertile arena for potential new therapeutic targets to prevent thrombosis yet maintain hemostasis. Unlike treatments that target steps in the extrinsic, or tissue factor, pathway, the risk of bleeding is low or absent when targeting the CAP. The natural triggers of the CAP are less well understood, but work reviewed in this session has increased the understanding of its mechanisms, the role of polyphosphate and immunothrombosis, and the possibility of reducing or eliminating medical device-induced thrombosis. See page 20. ALSO Treating AnticoagulantAssociated Bleeding Clinical Trial Highlights Management of Posttraumatic Bleeding and Trauma

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MD Conference Express - ISTH 2015