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CO0506.qxd 4/18/06 10:30 AM Page 9 May 2006 table of contents 24 learning solutions James Harvey Understanding Goal Alignment Models Aligning the workforce with corporate goals is key to ensure company objectives are executed successfully. E n g a g i n g the workforce and following specific alignment practices can help CLOs get everyone on board. 28 environment Brian Summerfield The Baby Boomer Exodus: Educa ting Those Left Behind M o r e than 40 years after the first wave of baby boomers entered the U.S. w o r k f o r c e, t h o s e same workers are getting ready to leave it. L e a r n i n g leaders m u s t adopt smart strategies to ensure that remaining employees have the necessary knowledge. 38 productivity David Austin Business Drivers for Real-Time Learning A s business evolves, t h e next step may be a live operating environment that supports employees with the information they need right now. R e a l - t i m e learning h e l p s connect the know-how t o the how-to. 2428 web- only web-only content on O R I G I N A L FEATURE: Te n Strategies to Market Workforce Learning Gordon L. Johnson A s e-learning makes more gains in the 48 human capital e n t e r p r i s e, C L O s must be ready with well- c o n c e i v e d training rollouts and marketing John G. Higgins & Chris Draper p r o g r a m s to ensure the programs realize t h e i r full potential. Learning During Times of Growth O R I G I N A L FEATURE: G r o w t h can take place in many different ways, a n d CLOs need to be prepared to adapt to T h e Hidden ROI of Training: the organization's needs. H e r e ' s how learning executives at major companies have responded G r a n t s, C r e d i t s and Incentives t o various growth strategies for their companies. Peter Green What if you could cut your training i n v e s t m e n t s in half? More than half a bil- l i o n dollars are awarded to companies 54 tactics e v e r y year to help companies offset the c o s t of learning and development. F i n d James Sharpe out how your organization can take a d v a n t a g e of this resource. Tools for On-Demand Information O R I G I N A L FEATURE: M o d e r n technology helps ensure that information is available on demand, b u t how is T h e Flavor-of-the-Month Virus this expressed in your learning environment? CLOs understand that culture combines Brian G. Smith with technology to build on-demand learning. I n n o v a t i o n is important, b u t it's also crit- i c a l to ensure that projects come to f r u i t i o n . L e a r n i n g and development can h e l p ensure that new projects receive the a t t e n t i o n and follow-through they need.

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