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WP0506_A.qxd 4/27/06 12:03 PM Page 24 Insight Janet Hoffmann of Morton's Prime Cari McLean In terms of the performance of the entire Morton's The Steakhouse spares no workforce, we focus on trying to hire and expense when it comes to exceeding identify the best people for the positions and then making sure we set them up for suc- its guests' expectations. By setting cess. We have a very strong entry-level high standards for its 70 upscale training program for our hourly staff, which is comprised of a specific orientation module restaurant locations and 4,000 that everybody goes through that identifies the organization's mission, core values, employees worldwide, Morton's goes overall employee policies, etc. But then for the extra mile to put its guests and each unique position such as a server, bar- tender or line cook, there are specific mod- employees first. To maintain and ules for their specific job function, and grow its reputation as one of the depending upon their position they could spend as many as eight days in a combina- world's best steakhouses, it is Vice tion of classroom and on-the-job training sessions. And these modules, which are in President of Human Resources and the form of 3-inch-by-8-inch color-coded Organizational Development Janet cards, are very user friendly, flexible and can be referred to quite easily even while work- Hoffmann's job to help employees ing a shift. The modules are also available to deliver definitive dining service by all employees and are posted in the restau- rant, which shows that there are opportuni- creating a culture that encourages ties for advancement and cross training. open communication, building From a management perspective, one thing that we embarked on several years ago was internal and external relationships, to develop management competencies for continued development and each of the management positions in the restaurant. The management positions are a promotion from within. little unique versus some other restaurant companies in the sense that these five posi- tions are very specific. We have a maitre d'/general manager, an assistant manager, a food and beverage controller, sales and mar- May 2006 WPS: What processes or programs have you established to keting manager and a chef. We wanted to improve the performance of the entire workforce? identify the specific set of knowledge, skills Hoffmann: When I think about our entire workforce, one of and commitment that each management position required in order to set them up for the things that we focus on a great deal, on an annual basis, is cre- WORKFORCE success. We spent a lot of time as an organi- ating a great work environment for people. Our business is a peo- zation to develop these competencies all the ple business, and it is about building relationships. It is really about way down to defining specific behaviors. The our managers and hourly employees building those relationships competencies are divided into four quadrants: with the guests one-on-one. And if employees have a great work performance SOLUTIONS people, product, profit and sales, which are environment, all the tools to perform their job, are comfortable at the general focuses of the company and our their workplace and happy doing their job, we believe that the managers. Our management training, which guest is going to have a great experience, and that is going to is an entry-level training program for each of translate into repeat visits, which also translates into the bottom those five management positions, is a combi- line for everybody. 24

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