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WP0506_A.qxd 4/27/06 12:12 PM Page 28 Engagement Celebrating Non-Conformity: EMPOWERING THE INDIVIDUAL Kellye Whitney From a spiritual perspective, every individual in the universe has his or her own special gifts and strengths to offer. Each person has a purpose in life, and if you live your life well, you will not only discover that purpose, but you also will exploit it for your own self-actualization and for the good of the world at large. The world at large doesn't necessarily mean global reach. It could mean gifting your immediate community with your talents or time. From an enterprise perspective, organizations that cele- brate and reward individual contributions and empower their employees to leverage their particular talents for their personal good as well as that of the organization reap two very important benefits: engaged and motivated employees and tangible bottom-line results. 28

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