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WP0506_A.qxd 4/27/06 1:38 PM Page 32 Application Jelly Belly Candy Company: SATISFYING A DEVELOPMENT SWEET TOOTH Cari McLean Owned and operated by the fourth international markets. With its sights set on international expansion, Jelly and fifth generations of the Goelitz Belly recently centralized its work- force management processes at the family, Jelly Belly Candy Company Fairfield headquarters in order to streamline HR processes specifi- has a rich tradition of boosting cally the company's employee appraisal system. employee performance and job Up until about six years ago, Jelly satisfaction. Albert and Gustav Belly's two manufacturing facilities operated independently, and once it Goelitz, whose great grandsons was decided that the company's processes would be centralized, Jeff own and operate Jelly Belly today, Brown, vice president of human resources, undertook the overwhelm- founded Herman Goelitz Candy in ing task of formalizing a new employee handbook. After we started to merge 1869. And it wasn't until 1976 that departments into our corporate head- quarters in California, I had to write an the Herman Goelitz Candy Co. employee handbook that integrated was renamed and fated to become and merged two companies as one. The handbook in Chicago was differ- one of today's best-known candy ent from the handbook in California, and California's handbook had not May 2006 manufacturers and distributors in been updated since 1981, Brown explained. It was quite a daunting task the United States. to integrate both handbooks to form a workable document companywide WORKFORCE The company currently has two man- that could formalize our company poli- ufacturing facilities, one in Fairfield, cies and also keep in line with our Calif., and one in the Chicago metro- friendly company culture. politan area, where more than 50 dif- After the company's departments performance SOLUTIONS ferent flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans were successfully combined, Brown and 100 other candies including and his HR team decided to unify Jelly chocolates, gummies, sour candies Belly's HR policies and services fur- and confections are produced and ther. At this point a few years ago, the distributed nationwide and in 25 project became, `Let's start formaliz- 32

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