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WP0506_A.qxd 4/27/06 2:12 PM Page 46 Processes EXECUTIVE COACHING: Tim A. Flanagan Many corporations believe that executive coaching, when managed effectively, is a powerful employee-development tool. But is it just a fad? What is its value? And more importantly, if it does work, why? My friend Brad is an executive becoming a coach for a high-poten- coach I'm not using his real name, tial employee. This employee was a just in case you conclude that exec- high performer but had a knack for utive coaching is nothing more than irritating many of his colleagues and a management fad! . I've known a reputation for being insensitive. Brad for years. By almost anyone's To make a long story short, Brad standards, he's been highly suc- agreed, spent 12 months coaching cessful in business and in education. the high-potential employee, and all He's held several high-level leader- three parties reported an over- ship positions in the insurance whelming success. The high-poten- industry, and he's an adjunct profes- tial employee demonstrated vast sor at a local university. Throughout improvement in his personal rela- his career, Brad has coached, men- tionships at work, the manager tored, trained, and otherwise observed great improvement in how encouraged and supported hun- May 2006 dreds of colleagues. Many of us the employee interacted with others, considered Brad a natural-born and Brad felt great about his role in leader when we knew him as a helping the young man improve. young man, and he's absolutely Thus was born a new career as an WORKFORCE proven us right. As to whether there executive coach. Today Brad is a are natural-born leaders or not, I'll coveted executive coach and con- leave for another discussion. siders himself fortunate to have dis- Suffice it to say, most people find it covered his true calling. I have had performance SOLUTIONS easy to look up to Brad, and he many discussions with Brad and enjoys the leadership role. other colleagues about the field of executive coaching. One thing we all About 10 years ago he was asked agree upon: There certainly is a by a friend, a manager in another demand for the service. industry, if he would consider 46

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