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WP0506_A.qxd 4/27/06 2:30 PM Page 54 full potential Acting like a professional or acting like a phony? Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D. he loves. There was nothing wrong same problems we all face. Just It's the avenue, I'm taking you to, with the company. There was noth- like you and I, she has lived through 42nd Street! ing wrong with Ted. He just didn't health problems, tragedies with The singers sing, the dancer's belong there. It wasn't him. friends and family issues. Like all dance and the actors act. On great professionals, when it is time If you are in the right job in the right Broadway there is always some- for Frances to work, she is always company, and you are learning how thing wonderful on stage. In many there. I have seen her turn down an to perform to the best of your ability, ways, Broadway is the definition of invitation from the U.S. president to you are being a true professional. If performance. give a talk at no fee for a non- you are in the wrong job in the I am inspired by great theater. Every profit organization in a small town. wrong company and you learn to act night, great performers pour their When she makes a commitment, if so that you can better fit in, you are hearts into each production. Some it is humanly possible to be there, just being a better phony. It still isn't have headaches, some have family she delivers. It doesn't matter that a you out there. problems, but it doesn't really mat- better deal came along later. She Today Ted is a lot happier. He ter. When it's show time, they give it not only makes an appearance, she spends his time thinking up creative all they have. Although it might be is up, she is positive, she is inspira- ideas in his new company, and he's the thousandth time an actor has tional and she gets the job done. having a ball. He is not only adding performed the part, it might be the Until recently, I always had a value for the company, he is also first time the customer sitting in the dilemma. As an executive educator, adding value for the world. fourth row has seen the production. who helps successful leaders To the true performer, every night is opening night. Like great actors, inspirational ike great actors, inspirational leaders sometimes need to be con- summate performers. When they leaders sometimes need to be need to motivate and inspire peo- ple, they do it. It doesn't matter if consummate performers. they have a headache. They do whatever it takes to help their organization succeed. When they need to be on, like the Broadway Think about your job. As a profes- stars, it's show time. achieve a positive change in behav- sional, is your job consistent with the ior, I, in a way, teach people how to One of the greatest leaders I know person that you really want to be? act. When is acting part of being a is Frances Hesselbein, the former professional? When is acting part of If the answer is yes, be like the executive director of the Girl Scouts being a phony? I want to help lead- great actor. Be like Frances of America and now chairman of the ers learn how to be great perform- Hesselbein. Put on a great show. Be Leader to Leader Institute. I am not ers, but I never believe that they the consummate professional. alone in my assessment of her tal- May 2006 should be phonies or unreal. How Learn to keep developing your abil- ents. Peter Drucker once noted that can I, as a coach, understand the ity to perform, so you can get even she was perhaps the most effective difference? better than you are today. If you love executive he had ever met. As a what you do, a great coach might tribute to her leadership skills, My client Ted helped me answer this WORKFORCE even help you get better. President Clinton awarded Frances question. I worked with him for a with the Presidential Medal of year, trying to help him fit in a corpo- If the answer is no, change jobs Freedom, the highest award that rate culture where he really didn't as soon as you can. Why bother to can be given to a U.S. civilian. belong. At the end of the year, I performance SOLUTIONS become a better phony? Even if finally said, Why don't you leave? you do get a coach and learn to Frances is also one of my best You are so miserable that you are modify your behavior, it won't friends. Like starting to depress me! count for much. Why? It won't all humans, L really be you. Frances He finally saw the light, left the com- faces the pany and is now doing something Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a global authority in helping successful leaders achieve positive, measurable change and has co-authored 18 books, including Human Resources in the 21st Century. Marshall can be reached at 54

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