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liVinG What YOu learn Industry events, training seminars and continuing education opportunities are valuable resources for all professionals – but it’s how you apply what you learn at these events that makes them truly worthwhile. If you have notebooks full of good intentions (and a few doodles) collecting dust, you won’t want to miss this issue of Toolbox. Take a seat in the front row, grab a permanent marker and focus on these great techniques for turning best practices learned at seminars into best practices in the workplace. Toolbox will help you keep fantastic, value-added information learned during professional development opportunities from going in one ear and out the other. toolbox INSIDER VoLUME 65 How to Get the Most Out of a Speaker’s Presentation – How to Attend a Seminar The average salesperson spends $758 a year on self-improvement – seminars, workshops, books, CDs or courses to make themselves better people and salespeople. In short: to make more sales. Seminars and courses are the best opportunities because they’re live performances. They offer “in your face” information that is timely – and make you evaluate the information in terms of what you are doing “right now.” Salespeople go to a live seminar eager to get more information, but few know how to attend for maximum benefit. Here are a few rules (guidelines) and ideas I’ve compiled from both seminar leaders and seminar attendees. Keep these thoughts with you so you can walk away with the gold. 1. Lower your sensitivity meter. Or better yet, turn it off. You’re here to get information, not to be offended by a remark or word. If you want everything to be politically correct, get out of sales and take a nice job at the post office. A woman at a U.S. Airways ticket counter put it the best I’ve ever heard. I was traveling with my girlfriend, and wondered what the politically correct word was for traveling partner, not yet spouse. She said, “Don’t worry, we’re not in politics. We’re in business.” Cool. continued on page 14 AFTERMARKET INSIDER 2010 | VOLUME 65 | 13

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Aftermarket Insider Volume 65
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Investigating the Cold, Hard Truth About the Right to Repair Battle
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Aftermarket Insider Volume 65