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exporT experTS i N T E R N AT i o N A l F o C U S Tools to help boost Aftermarket Export Growth president’s National Export Initiative (NEI). And, with the world’s leading aftermarket manufacturers, AAIA is confident that export veterans, as well as those new to export, can help the U.S. meet the NEI goal of doubling American exports by 2014. Three useful tools for successful exporting are the International Buyer Program at AAPEX, the AAIA Export Trade Certificate and steps to protect trademarks, patents and other Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). international Buyer Program AAiA strongly supports the this year, representatives from the Small Business Administration and the Export-Import Bank (see Insider Ex-Im article) will be available to answer financing questions. While at the Center for International Commerce (CIC), be sure to pick up the free valuable Export Resource Guide CD. AAiA Export Trade Certificate (ETC) Program AAPEX works with the U.S. Department of Commerce and the vast network of Commercial Service officers posted abroad to recruit quality international buyers to attend Automotive Aftermarket Industry Week (AAIW). Prior to AAPEX, U.S. exhibitors can obtain information on the purchasing needs of those international buyers attending AAPEX with DOC-led delegations, and request meetings. Once buyers accept a meeting request, they will be added to a personalized appointment schedule provided a week before AAPEX. At AAPEX, the DOC’s Market Place Counseling Program can help those U.S. exhibitors seeking to market products/services globally. Market Place provides scheduled appointments with Commercial Service automotive specialists from approximately 30 countries, giving market updates, regulatory guidance and business opportunities for their markets. New AAPEX is a great venue to consider other American companies you might work with on joint exporting activities. Members may participate at no charge in the AAIA Export Trade Certificate (ETC) program. Congress created the ETC to help exporters gain a competitive edge in global sales by providing participants an “insurance policy” of sorts geared to encourage joint export activities that achieve economies of scale and risk diversification. Firms covered by a certificate can undertake joint exporting activities, like offering a full line of complementary aftermarket products, setting prices, allocating customers or markets, sharing product information, operating joint facilities overseas and sharing costs in areas like market research, insurance, transportation and aftersales service. Under the ETC antitrust shield, companies are immune from federal and state antitrust actions, both criminal and civil. And, in private antitrust suits, companies under the certificate gain many advantages, especially a reduction in maximum liability from treble to single damages, a presumption of legality, and the chance for prevailing defendants to recoup attorneys’ fees. Plus, almost no paperwork is required. AAIA, as the certificate holder, files an annual report on companies’ total export sales and ETC-related export sales. Protecting iPR Successful American aftermarket brands are the envy of the world. Whether an experienced or new international trader, take stock of your IPR and be sure your trademarks, patents and other IPR are registered – and current – in the U.S. and all foreign markets of interest. Excellent information on taking advantage of the various tools for protecting IP, as well as other government assistance is available at For more information or to participate, contact Lee Kadrich at 301-654-6664, or e-mail AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 66 | 17

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 66
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Aftermarket Insider Issue 66