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PRESiDENT’S MESSAGE top 10 in 2010 What We’ve Done for You Lately ness, a major corporation or a nonprofit organization, the pace is crazed and the spin cycle is never-ending. Among all of the responsibilities we juggle, typically when we finish a project, complete a program or achieve an objective we immediately move on to the next one. But everyone needs to take a breather now and then to “stop and smell the roses or the coffee.” Whether you work for a small busi- Whether it’s the AWDA segment really stepping up to the plate in its participation and support of events at AAPEX, or the creation of the aftermarket industry’s “green” story, they all reflect the core organizational values of the association. Those core values are leadership, connection and empowerment – what our members expect from us. Kathleen schmatz AAIA President & CEO In the planning and execution of all of our association’s initiatives and activities, the professional staff and volunteer leaders keep in mind the core purpose In this issue of Aftermarket Insider we of AAIA as stated in our strategic plan decided to do just that by looking back – “To advance, serve and protect the at some of the association’s accomplish- collective interests of its members in the ments in 2010 on behalf of its members motor vehicle aftermarket.” and the aftermarket industry as a We are proud to remind you of 10 ways whole. we delivered on that promise. Unlike late night television host David Letterman’s “top 10” lists, ours are in no particular numerical order – they are all important. Those core values are leadership, connection and empowerment – what our members expect from us. 2 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 69

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 69
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Top 10 of 2010
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Aftermarket Insider Issue 69