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sOCIAlIZING AT WOrK Is it a good idea to socialize with your co-workers or is better to keep a line between work and play? The pros include being more productive, facilitating communication and teamwork and improving morale. Personal work relationships, however, can also complicate business relationships, thereby either becoming useful or damaging. The most important thing is that your socializing should serve to build – not harm – your reputation and relationships at work. toolbox INSIDER voLUME 71 Smart Socializing with Co-Workers Positive relationships at work are important on many levels, from encouraging teamwork to increasing one’s chances of getting a promotion to simply making the workday more pleasant. But when the clock strikes five, should office socialization end? • Increasing feelings of togetherness and teamwork • Gathering more knowledge about the company and its activities • Forming genuine friendships While relationships are undoubtedly affected by the structured activities of the day, it can be the side talks on the walk out the door, the brainstorming over coffee or the quick thought texted to a co-worker in the evening that lead to greater things. Benefits Kerry Patterson, co-author of The New York Times best-seller “Influencer,” notes that people who are successful in their careers share a common quality: they’re wellconnected to a variety of people throughout the organization. How do they get connected? Much of what takes place in companies is done through the informal social network. For instance, people solve important problems over lunch -- and if you work out at a health club alone, you find yourself out of the loop. some key reasons to socialize with co-workers include: • Expanding your network • Gaining insight into personalities • Building your presence and likability Pitfalls While out-of-office interactions may feel informal, they still reflect on the employee and influence how others see him/her. Watching what one says and does (and with whom) is vital. Comparing vacation experiences or swapping family stories over a beer can build trust and camaraderie. Drinking too much or trash-talking the boss behind their back, on the other hand, is destructive. It may get you a laugh in the moment, but it sends a signal that you’re not to be trusted. AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 71 | 13

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