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T EC H N o L o G Y U P DAT E the fInal countdown The Legacy Sunset is For Real “The clock is ticking on the original AAIA catalog standard.” The original AAIA Make/Model For the same reason you don’t use the same technology on your desktop or in your pocket as you did in 1997, the aCes format, along with the vehicle configuration database, was needed to serve the 21st century data needs of the industry. table will no longer be published after Dec. 31, 2012. This sunset date marks the end of what we refer to as the legacy electronic catalog standard and the point when ACES becomes the sole industry standard. For those who have delayed migrating their catalog and other automotive content to the ACES Vehicle Configuration database, we have an explanation and some advice. 24 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 72

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 72
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AAIA Market Intelligence: Don’t Do Business Wit hout It!
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Aftermarket Insider Issue 72