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MEMB E R P ROF I L E DEBORAH BJORKLUND Woman of the Year Redefines Success Her longevity in the aftermarket, her career accomplishments, her leadership capabilities and dedication to the automotive aftermarket industry have earned Deborah Bjorklund, president/CEO/sales trainer, T.M.R. (The Main Resource), the 2011 Car Care Council Women’s Board Aftermarket Woman of the Year award. “I was definitely very surprised,” said Bjorklund. “It has already, in just a few days, made a huge impact on my business.” DEBORAH BJORKLUND POSITION: President/CEO/Sales Trainer, T.M.R. (The Main Resource) YEARS IN THE AFTERMARKET: 17 1/2 WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Sell more French fries.” and “T.M.R. is based on the principle of ‘the customer.’ The customer is not only the company you sell, but the vendor that provides and the staff that makes it all happen.” PHONE: 800-888-7751 E-MAIL: “Being a woman and given an opportunity to prove myself in this industry gives me a different perspective of women in the aftermarket,” said Bjorklund. “Successful women in the aftermarket must have knowledge of the industry in every capacity, confidence, drive and be extremely Bjorklund began her career in the aftermarket at T.M.R. when it was named Will-Fix Automotive as the administrative assistant to its past president and founder, Harris Cohen. She “fell in love with the industry on the second day,” and went on to purchase the company in December 2005, doubling its size since then. T.M.R. has become a leader in empowering women in the industry because not only is her company woman-owned, it is completely managed by women. sharp. There is no room for error for women in this marketplace, so companies that recognize these features have been drawn to T.M.R.” A member of AAIA for 14 years, Bjorklund considers the member discounts and updates on industry changes the main rewards for being a member. She believes that complacent sales networks and improper use of industry standards are the biggest issues facing the aftermarket today. “The growth potential in this industry is in the hands of the foot soldiers responsible for selling our products. Sales are out there,” said Bjorklund. In her spare time, Bjorklund spends time with her husband, two daughters and five rescue dogs. She also stays active running, hiking, mountain biking, playing racquetball, squash and golf. “Unless I make the LPGA, my goal is to continue to provide what I do now for every life I touch in this industry until I am just too old to do it,” said Bjorklund. “So maybe I will be around another 50 years. Success should never be considered the amount of money or power one has, but only if they have achieved personal satisfaction in their life.” 12 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 73

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