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sOCial media at this point, most everyone is aware of the impact that social media has had on society. Many businesses have already established a presence on the usual sites such as facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and youTube. but as technology changes, so does the face of social media. facebook and Linkedin have both recently rolled out changes that will alter the way the sites can be utilized by marketers. and it seems like there is an endless supply of new sites popping up, claiming to be “essential” for your business. So how do these changes affect your existing social media outreach? and which new sites are living up to the hype? toolbox INSIDER v o L U M E 7 5 facebook brand Timelines: Six big changes Every Marketer needs to Understand Facebook gets an occasional facelift, but the recent migration of brand Pages to the Timeline layout (mandatory for all brands starting March 30, 2012) has been the most drastic change yet. Physical changes include a cover photo, the ability to highlight stories for more visibility and rearrangement of Likes, events and other apps. Below are details of all the changes that come with the new format. of different tabs. While applications still exist, they’ll display differently. recommendation: This major change means that the three above-fold tab apps need to be considered carefully. A good Page analytics tool will be useful for determining which tab to promote on a day-to-day basis. 3. no default landing Page What’s new: With the new Timeline Page format, you will no longer be able to set a default landing Page. This will drastically change user impressions when they first visit a brand’s Timeline Page. recommendation: You will need to apply new and careful attention to all the top messages in the Timeline. Likewise, Facebook ads will be one of the major ways brands on Facebook can control a user’s experience. 1. Updated look and Feel What’s new: The format of Timeline for brands employs a cover photo at the top of the Page, and the Page is separated into two main columns by a dividing line, which represents the passage of time. recommendation: Using interesting milestones to craft the story of the brand over time (and updating the Timeline with new milestones as they happen) can help to stimulate conversations around major achievements. 4. new Way to Feature Content What’s new: Similar to marking a blog post “sticky,” so that it remains at the top of a blog for a specified period of time, pinning a post to the top of Timeline allows it to precede any other content. AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 75 | 13 2. Reduced Tab Visibility What’s new: The new Timeline format does not have the left-side panel of links, which could include hundreds

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