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VOLUME 77 F E AT U R ES A AIA STAFF EXECUTIVE OFFICE President & CeO 4 Kathleen Schmatz Massachusetts: A State of Repair Right to Repair legislation passing in Massachusetts is a huge victory for the aftermarket – and creates great potential for the industry, car companies and the new car dealers to use the Massachusetts bill as the template for a national bill. Insider takes you through the process that led to this aftermarket milestone, and illustrates how AAIA is working to ensure that the battle in Massachusetts results in long-term positive results for the repair industry. EDITORIAL OFFICE Publisher Richard White editOr Jennifer Ortiz seniOr GraPhiC desiGner Tom Ho s P e C i a l i s t, C O m m u n i C at i O n s Gina Lemon A AIA IN FORMATION Phone: 301.654.6664 Fax: 301.654.3299 E-mail: Web Site: 6 To subscribe to Aftermarket Insider, call AAIA headquarters. Meet Your Future Customers and Employees: Y Should WE CARE? By the year 2020, 46 percent of America’s workforce will be Millennials. These 80 million young people bring with them new ideas, behaviors and attitudes toward work, technology, lifestyle… and driving and owning cars. The industry should be paying attention… and Insider shows you Y. Subscription change of address or other circulation matters, call AAIA headquarters. Mail editorial news and correspondence to Aftermarket Insider, c/o AAIA 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. AF TERMARKET INSIDER (ISSN # 1526-4475) is published bi-monthly by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association with editorial offices at 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. Phone: 301.654.6664 Fax: 301.654.3299 Web Site: POSTMASTER: Send address changes to 7101 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1300 Bethesda, MD 20814-3415. 1 1 Toolbox: AAPEX online From apps to an interactive Floor Plan, a comprehensive myAAPEX portal to social media, AAPEX is online like never before! Toolbox clicks you through the AAPEX website at, which has all the tools exhibitors and attendees need to make the most of their AAPEX experience before, during and after the show. © 2012 Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association. All rights reserved. This material may be reprinted only with the expressed written permission of AAIA. Printing and charging a fee for reprints of such articles are strictly prohibited. PEFC/29-31-130

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 77
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Massachusetts: A State of Repair
Meet Your Future Customers and Employees: Y Should We Care ?
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Market Intelligence

Aftermarket Insider Issue 77