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toolbox INSIDER Today’s Workplace – How Things Have Changed! One thing that always stays the same is that things are always changing. Over the years, the office environment has seen its fair share of changes, ranging from the technology on which we rely, to the way that we conduct business and even the way that we speak to one another. This issue of Toolbox takes a tongue-in-cheek glimpse at some of the good, the bad and the weird ways that our office culture has changed over time. VOLUME 8 1 The Most Memorable Business Jargon of 2012 Deceptionist Brogrammer Definition: A receptionist adept at blocking visitors, rather than facilitating their needs. Definition: A frat-boy-esque computer programmer; an anti-nerd. Usage: Jane must still be avoiding me. I saw her go in her office, but the deceptionist told me she had just stepped out. Usage: Barry knew his boss was going after the brogrammer set when he installed a beer-pong table in the break room. Dining al Desco Faker’s Dozen Definition: Eating at one’s desk in order to keep working. Definition: When someone calls in sick to work 13 times in a single quarter. Usage: Nothing sours a perfectly good lunch break like watching Kevin down a Clif Bar al desco. Usage: Stevie logs onto WebMD daily to find new sick-day excuses on his way to a faker’s dozen. Fauxtrepreneur E-hole Definition: A person who comes up with myriad business ideas but never actually sees one out. Definition: A client, employee, co-worker, etc., who addresses workplace issues through passive-aggressive e-mails or who steals thunder through e-mails. Usage: Lauren’s a total fauxtrepreneur. She’s all talk, no business plan. Usage: Martin’s such an e-hole. He told me he’d send our ideas to the boss, but he took credit in the e-mail for everything we both worked on. AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 81| 11

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 81
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Aftermarket Insider Issue 81