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In t r oducing t h e C a r C a re C ou n c il’ s industry Tool Box It’s now one-stop-shopping for aftermarket businesses interested in participating in the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign with the new online Industry Tool Box. Designed exclusively for WDs, shop and store owners, jobbers and all aftermarket professionals, the Tool Box provides the tools, materials, resources and how-to information needed to jump on the bandwagon that educates consumers about the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance, care and repair. Whether it’s celebrating National Car Care Month in April or Fall Car Care Month in October, or leveraging the campaign yearround, the Industry Tool Box makes it easy for anyone in the industry to get involved! Check it out at, click Tool Box. Open the drawer to see what hosting an event is all about! Watch the how-to video, learn how to register your event with the Car Care Council and find the materials and ideas you need to make it happen! Discover all the materials that the Car Care Council offers all in one place – from “Be Car Care Aware” starter kits to items you can print in-house! Learn how to engage customers with the popular car care guide. Inside the Car Care Clips drawer, you’ll see great videos to share with your customers in your shop or on your website. Help us bring car care education into the 21st century and learn how to get involved with our social media efforts.

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Aftermarket Insider Issue 81

Aftermarket Insider Issue 81
President’s Message
If It Matters… It’s at eForum
Campaign Update
Government Affairs
Member Profile
Toolbox: The Workplace Then and Now
Impact Award
Head of the Class
Market Intelligence: Globally and Locally

Aftermarket Insider Issue 81