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PrESiDENt’S MESSAgE just the facts Pumping Up the Facts in Our Factbook Every day we are all bombarded with facts, data, information, predictions… tons of stuff. But, most of it is totally useless unless we can sift through it, make sense of it and find ways to apply it to our daily personal or business lives. Clearly, data is king these days for aftermarket businesses and that’s why our association makes every effort to deliver valuable market intelligence to our members in our flagship publication – the 2014 AAIA Digital Aftermarket Factbook. The Factbook is our most popular and sought-after publication because it is the most comprehensive, in-depth resource of aftermarket industry data, analysis, trends and information there is. Kathleen Schmatz AAIA President & CEO 2 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 82 The 2014 edition has taken a giant step forward, adding considerable new content. In addition to the new research material and easy access to online resources through live embedded hyperlinks, members can download Excel-based files, charts, tables and graphs to use in presentations and reports. Some of the new content in the 2014 Factbook includes a U.S. Economic update by Dr. Timothy Nash, Northwood University and an extended Industry Forecast through 2016 by IHS Global Insight. This year’s edition also features an updated Program and Retail Distribution Summary by Advanstar, new Channel Map including e-commerce and e-tailing by Ducker Worldwide, an expanded M & A section by BB&T Capital Markets and a new “State of the Industry” summary from Babcox Media. Updated vehicle registration tables and graphics by Polk, a new U. S. Trade Data table by Country and a new summary of the Chinese Automotive Aftermarket by Technomic Asia are highlights as well. I encourage you to read the feature story in this Aftermarket Insider on pages 4-5 for more details about the new Factbook.

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Aftermarket Insider Issue 82
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Aftermarket Insider Issue 82