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toolbox volUmE 83 Dress for suCCess – Balancing Personal Style and Professionalism in Your Workplace Wardrobe In this day and age, workplace fashion can be tricky. Lenient dress codes give employees the power to incorporate both comfort and personal style into their daily dress. However, there are still general guidelines that should be followed as some articles of clothing might be considered inappropriate, or even offensive, to other employees. Keeping this balance is especially difficult in the summer when rising temperatures bring out even more casual fashion trends than normal. Toolbox offers some tips and tricks on how to keep things professional, while still letting your personal style shine through. INSIDER How Clothing Has an Effect In the Workplace Even if you are not a big fan of fashion, it is still important for you to take your work attire seriously. Don’t think that loosely following the dress code guidelines will go unnoticed. Even if management and coworkers don’t directly address what you wear, they still take notice, even subconsciously. The way you dress impacts how your employer perceives you and, in some cases, how well you do your job. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your clothing to look professional and neat. Seriousness The way you dress has an impact on how serious others think you are about your job. If you come to work in inappropriate attire that makes you look like you are dressing for an evening out, coworkers may think that you focus only on your social life and not your job. This does not mean that you can’t dress in trendy clothing or looks that can easily transform from day to night; just be careful about showing too much skin or dressing like you are still in college. Professionalism Your clothing choices greatly impact how professional people perceive you to be. The amount of work you put into your work wardrobe will prove that you are ready for a professional career. Wearing blazers, collared shirts and well-tailored pants show that you are committed and responsible. You’ve never seen a CEo wearing leggings and a tunic, have you? That’s because they follow the old adage, “dress for success,” and it has worked well. organization Arriving to work looking like you just crawled out of bed will tell others a lot about how well you manage your time and the level of your organization skills. keep your clothing pressed, stain free and well-tailored to look put-together and ready for your day. The same goes for your hair, and personal hygiene. Age Clothing plays a big role on how old your coworkers perceive you to be. If you want to look older, avoid wearing clothing from Abercrombie and Fitch or Hollister, and instead, visit J. Crew or Banana Republic. Safety Clothing also has an impact on your level of safety in the workplace. Pants that are too long or shoes that don’t fit properly could cause you to trip and fall. By wearing tailored clothing that isn’t too big or baggy, you can save yourself an injury.

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