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A SS o c i AT i o n n E w S head of the class Crow-Burlingame Company 20 12 The AAIA Education Committee, sponsors of the AAIA Head of the Class Award, has been interviewing winners of the 2012 award to learn more about each company’s philosophy and success with its education and training investment. Below is information provided by Elizabeth Estes, corporate training director, Crow-Burlingame Company, Little Rock, Ark., recipient of the 2012 Head of the Class Award – Jobber category. how did your company recognize that training was so important? Crow-Burlingame Company is a tradition-based company and, from the very beginning, we have recognized the importance of training. We began with product training for managers and other sales personnel, and as our company grew, training progressed. We have recognized that in order to maintain our success, we need to reinforce selling, product, business and leadership skills and knowledge. how has the training strategy evolved? Our very first training started long ago and was on a much smaller scale than what it has grown to be today. 20 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | VOLUME 83 Our training sessions were traditionally meetings oriented towards product knowledge and happened after hours. It was a more informal kind of training at first. Around 1997-98, a dedicated training department was established. We went from a clinicbased approach to a whole calendar of options, such as operations and sales-based skill development and more hands-on, demonstrationtype classes. We established what we call “Equipment University,” which is a venue for our vendor sales representatives to instruct our sales people about their products. Attendees actually use the tools and equipment in class and have opportunity to practice selling in a learning environment. The transition to hands-on learning for our employees creates a familiarity with the product and enables better selling capability. It takes the fear factor out of selling expensive products and has made a notable difference in our employees and company. “Heavy Duty University” is another of our hands-on training offerings that teaches how to identify heavy duty parts and to develop expertise in this lucrative niche market. This program also gives employees familiarity with the product so they can better help customers. We conduct many training programs multiple times a year and also do a company-wide conference spanning several days. We now do online-based meetings and trainings as well.

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