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MARKET RESEARCH sPeciAl series Telematics Trendline: Following the growth of automotive Telematics B Y: DEREk kAUFMAN, C3 N E T W ORk, INC . of monthly articles by Derek Kaufman, C3 Network, Inc., designed to inform AAIA members about the trends in telematics applications for both the retail automotive and commercial trucking industries. This article is adapted from the May 2009 installment. For the full May article, or for more of the series, click here. let’s see. Where do we start this month? Telematics Trendline is a series Suddenly your 1978 Oldsmobile might be worth $5,000 if you trade it in on a new car. Meanwhile, the telematics industry is now featured in a Billy Mays infomercial. More on that later. For now, let’s talk about some definitions, a little bit of telematics history and some interesting work being done with telematics on environmental issues. location-Based services Last month we talked about Proximity Marketing – the connection to mobile customers to deliver location-specific information. Location-based services enable that connection. An LBS might take the form of establishing all of the ATM machines within one mile of your current location. That LBS database registers the machines within a digital map. Other examples include: • Locating a certain business or retail establishment. • Providing mobile phone maps. • Generating alerts such as traffic congestion. • Delivering location-based advertising. • Providing turn-by-turn navigation to any address. The word from Jay Leno is that if you hit your OnStar button in your GM car now, Joe Biden answers the phone. Details on Warren Buffet’s $230 million investment in Chinese electric car builder BYD are coming to light. Fiat has decided to move forward with their investment in now bankrupt Chrysler. The U.S. automobile retail market is at a standstill as consumers wait to hear about possible governmental assistance in their purchase plans. In our first edition of this series, we promised to supply some definitions of the telematics terms that are thrown around our industry. For some of you, this is old territory – you are living it daily. For others, these definitions will help you connect the dots as you think about your telematics future. This month – location-based services (LBS). skyhook’s Web site shows that 300 million Wi-Fi chipsets shipped in 2007 and the industry forecasts over one billion shipments a year by 2012 — 550 million of those handsets will be GPs-enabled. 18 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | JUNE • JULY 2009

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