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INSIDE TECHNOLOgy council collAborAtion Supply Chain Transformation Begins With a Benchmark Recently, AAIA announced a valuable alliance with the Supply Chain Council (SCC) that makes the best practices in supply chain management more accessible and affordable for AAIA members. By raising the visibility of supply chain in the aftermarket dialog, it is expected that more companies can adopt the winning strategies of the best performers from around the world of commerce, and benefit from improved supply chain efficiency and customer collaboration. Among the major benefits of the exclusive AAIA/SCC collaboration, AAIA members will receive: timely and specific notification of SCC training seminars and Webinars; discounts of 50 percent on publications and training seminars that are essential for those wishing to improve their supply chain efficiency; and the opportunity to participate in the council’s benchmarking survey to discover how a member’s company stacks up against others from across many segments of industry. There really is no single best way to manage a complex supply chain such as the automotive parts and service aftermarket. But, when reference data and processes are standardized, it becomes possible to make meaningful comparisons with a larger population and discover the practices that are used by the top-performers. SCC is best known for their standard way of referencing and modeling supply chain processes – the Supply Chain Operational Reference model (SCOR). And the way to capitalize on SCOR to implement process improvements that will be meaningful and verifiable.” “The financial impact of implementing the best practices in supply chain management can be many times greater than other cost-cutting measures,” said When you see the gap between the top- Joseph Francis, performers and yourself, and you learn SCC executive director. “In the practices of those top-performers, this challenging you can begin to implement process economy, it is critical for improvements that will be meaningful supply chain and verifiable. professionals at aftermarket is to have hundreds of organizations suppliers and contribute their operational metrics to distributors to understand the SCOR a confidential survey called SCORmark model and implement the findings of – a benchmarking exercise. SCORmark benchmarking.” “The old saw is that in order to know where you’re going you’ve got to know where you are,” said Scott Luckett, AAIA vice president, technology standards. “In order to attack supply chain transformation, aftermarket companies have got to know how their relevant costs and efficiencies compare to other companies – the average and the top performers. When you see the gap between the top-performers and yourself, and you learn the practices of those top-performers, you can begin AAIA believes that maximum supply chain efficiency and meaningful collaboration between channel partners are essential strategies to a vibrant aftermarket industry. The alliance with the SCC presents a unique opportunity for every AAIA member to benchmark their performance and learn from the best in commerce. To learn more, visit the Supply Chain page at 24 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | JUNE • JULY 2009

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Aftermarket Insider - June/July 2009