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suMMertiMe Summer is always a time to relax, be more casual, and, of course, take vacations. But transferring the spirit of summer to the workplace always raises a number of issues for employers – how do you keep your employees focused and motivated? Offering summer options such as casual attire, flexible working hours and company picnics allows for a laid-back atmosphere, while still maintaining a professional work environment. Even simple gestures, such as a shortened work day on Friday, can have a positive effect on morale and retention! toolbox INSIDER VoLUME 60 Top 10 Ways to Motivate Your Employees This Summer Research shows that higher employee motivation leads to greater creativity, productivity, discretionary effort and, as a result, better company performance – and that employment management practices have a direct impact on employee motivation. Gevity, the full-service human resources department for small and mid-sized businesses, released a list on how to motivate employees during the summer time. Compiled from Gevity research, as well as existing research on this topic, the list provides a fun and helpful way for small business owners to motivate their employees as the warm – and often slower – summer months approach. 1. Provide a free breakfast or lunch to employees. 2. Create a weekly “wall of fame” with fun photos of employees and accounts of their accomplishments. 3. Each week, choose employees from each department to dine or do an activity with members of management. 4. Give out tickets to movies or sporting or musical events. 5. Hold an employee field day, with fun activities that all employees can participate in. 6. Create quirky awards for specific achievements. 7. Volunteer to do an employee’s least favorite task for a day. 8. Throw a party for your employees, either at the office, a manager’s home or at a favorite restaurant. 9. Have a job exchange day, and be sure to include management. 10. Allow employees to work a flexible schedule** (when appropriate, taking into consideration the business’ needs). ** Non-cash motivators have actually proven more effective than monetary rewards. Source: Gevity HR, Inc., AFTERMARKET INSIDER | AUGUST • SEPTEMBER 2009 | 13

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 Aftermarket Insider - August/September 2009
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Aftermarket Insider - August/September 2009

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