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MARKET RESEARCH lateSt and greateSt Telematics Trendline: Following the growth of automotive Telematics B Y DER EK K AUFMAN , C3 NE T W ORK , I NC. Telematics Trendline is a series of monthly articles by Derek Kaufman, C3 Network, Inc., designed to inform AAIA members about the trends in telematics applications for both the retail automotive and commercial trucking industries. For the full October article, or for more of the series, click here. JumpTap operators and carriers, they provide the opportunity to be the sole provider of marketing content and the controllers of subscriber traffic. For advertisers, they provide targeted advertising based on the receiver’s proximity. JumpTap’s software tracks the search habits of its mobile device owners to be able to tune their search methodology and to anticipate the types of information an owner may want. People have noticed the growth of JumpTap’s reach. The company now has partnerships formed with Fox Mobile Entertainment, NBC Universal, AutoDesk, Openwave and WPP, which is now the largest communications group in the world. from their phone. Users can turn location linking off at any time. We have talked about vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology that will allow people in cars miles ahead of you to alert you to changing traffic situations. Technology like Loopt may bring that same ability to smart phones and other hand-held devices. We like the term Loopt uses to describe their service – they say they can turn your cell phone into a “social compass.” Pretty solid marketing that gets right to the point. You are on Facebook, Plaxo, LinkedIn, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Now it’s time to get Loopt in. The explosion of handheld devices and smart phones has made the targeting of mobile customer advertising one of the hottest topics in the telematics market. As more work is done to connect these devices to our automobiles, home appliances, and entertainment/infotainment sources, the interest in advertising opportunities is growing at the same rate as the sales of devices themselves. Internet advertising has gone through significant changes in the short life of the Web. What started out as “per click” cash flow has evolved into performance-based payments that are based on actual transactions that were started with the click of a link. Add the GPS information from mobile devices and the quality of the leads grows exponentially and the value of each click follows accordingly. That’s where JumpTap comes in. Based in Cambridge, Mass., JumpTap brings a multifaceted approach to mobile search and advertising. For mobile device owners, they provide efficient mobile search techniques that can find information quickly to preserve mobile battery use. For mobile Loopt Placing AGPS technology in cell phones is creating an all-new industry – the connection of phone users to each other. Check out Loopt to see how. Loopt uses mobile mapping to connect cell phone users with their friends. Users can share their location and then connect geo-tagged photos, event information and other text comments, while also maintaining their privacy through controls that allow them to limit the information that is sent 30 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | OCTOBER • NOVEMBER 2009

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Aftermarket Insider - October/November 2009