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MeMBeR pRoFIle John Quirk A Knack for Growth and Success John Quirk, president and CEO John Quirk POSITION : President/CEO, VIP Parts, Tires & Service YEARS IN THE AFTERMARKET: WORDS TO LIVE BY: “Earn an automotive customer for life” PHONE : E-MAIL : 207-784-5423 “In my time working with AAIA, I After only three years working with the have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of the industry’s instant success, his father told him he best think tank. AAIA is in tune needed some help running the family with its members and has integrated business, Quirk Tire Company. In the industry to one single voice with June 1985, Quirk was at his father’s the ability to face major issues head side and ready to replicate the success on. For example, in terms of the he saw at Autographix. He wasted no time in upgrading staff and technicians Right to Repair Act, AAIA’s work in lobbying has made this message and capitalizing on the great reputareally resonate. It’s very important tion his father had already established. that the government realizes how its passing can affect the industry; a huge “We really wanted to smooth out our employer in the economy,” said Quirk. revenue stream so we strengthened our commercial and retail business If he wasn’t in the aftermarket industry, by adding effective, professional staff. Quirk would be working where he We took the opportunity to leverage started, in sales management in the business in installed parts. It was also high tech field. In his spare time he important for us to be straight with our customers and help them save smart on plays golf and enjoys fishing and skiing. He also stays busy with family activitheir automotive needs,” said Quirk. ties with wife, Sarah and his children: Madeline, Meredith and Johnny. He In 2001, Quirk Tire Co. merged currently coaches Johnny’s hockey with VIP Auto, Inc. and combined team and hopes to pass on the family their two-location business with VIP business to the fourth generation. Auto’s 42 retail stores. They now employ more than 1,000 employees of VIP Parts, Tires & Service, just might have the golden touch. Shortly after his college graduation, he began working with a small computer startup company named Autographix. Seemingly overnight, he went from sales representative to director of sales and the handful of staff he started with grew to 250 employees operating 17 sales offices nationwide. at their retail and service centers. Quirk oversees the operations at the now 57 locations nationwide. Quirk has been involved with AAIA since 2001. He has since been an active member and volunteered his time with the Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association (AWDA) board and the AAIA Show Committee. 12 | AFTERMARKET INSIDER | JANUARY • FEBRUARY 2010

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Aftermarket Insider - January/February 2010
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Aftermarket Insider - January/February 2010