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fAbulouS 50 A S S O C I AT I O N N E w S AAiA Salutes Long-Time Members A aaia would like to recognize and congratulate these companies, all of which have been aaia members for more than 50 years. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to the automotive aftermarket, and your loyalty to the association. GrOte industries, inC. ClOyes Gear and PrOduCts, inC. aFterMarKet sales, inC. (east) aP exhaust PrOduCts inC. autOMOtive Parts headquarters, inC. COMPtOn autO Parts COMPany, inC. GeOrGe e. yOunG autO Parts, inC. nOrwOOd MOtOr Parts CO., inC. P.r.O.s., inC. quaKer City MOtOr Parts CO. tenneCO, inC. thul autO Parts, inC. uesCO warehOuse, inC. watKins autO suPPly CO., inC. elGin industries Federal-MOGul COrPOratiOn baldwin Filters hbd / therMOid, inC. 3M CO. PPG industries, inC. sherwin-williaMs autOMOtive Finishes COrP. babCOx PubliCatiOns, llC dOrMan PrOduCts, inC. GOJO industries, inC. radiatOr sPeCialty COMPany danaher tOOl GrOuP/GearwrenCh/Kd tOOls hennessy industries, inC. ClOre autOMOtive linCOln industrial sPx serviCe sOlutiOns lindsey & hall, inC. AFTERMARKET INSIDER | JANUARY • FEBRUARY 2010 | 3

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Aftermarket Insider - January/February 2010
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Aftermarket Insider - January/February 2010