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Hellenism Philanthropy Civic Responsibility Education Family & Individual Excellence One Mission. . . One Fraternity. . . One AHEPA By Executive Director Basil N. Mossaidis Why We Join AHEPA: The Mission Guides Our Way AHEPA had a noble founding to has established a rich heritage from the Heartland combat the evils of bigotry of America to major metropolitan cities in several and discrimination that the community faced in nations across the globe. the early 20th century. We also helped each other Our mission provides us with further guidassimilate into American society which enabled us to ance. Ahepans are proud of the contributions the become better citizens, to be an integral component of the ancient Greeks gifted to Western Civilization. Under the American workforce and entrepreneurial spirit, and to earn umbrella of Hellenism, our mission acts as a roadmap an education. Indeed, AHEPA served as a vital vehicle for the that guides and unites us as we strive to do our part to progressive development and emergence of many American strengthen society. It consists of four Hellenic ideals— citizens of Hellenic heritage in every facet of society—govEducation, Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Family ernment, commerce, education, and the arts and sciences. and Individual Excellence—from which all our good work The American Hellenic community, with the assistance of in the community emanates. To this mission we bring a the AHEPA family, has met these challenges successfully. “can do” attitude that resembles the hard work ethic of Why, then, are we members of AHEPA today? our immigrant forebearers. Yes, it is exciting to be part of a legacy that includes presidents education: ahepans Fulfill of the United States, Fortune 500 academic dreams CEOs, trailblazing authors and leading academics. But there is more AHEPA’s commitment to education to being an Ahepan than being has been well-documented throughaffiliated with such accomplished out its history. The AHEPA National individuals. There is a unique spirit Educational Foundation continues in of Brotherhood and fellowship that its pursuit to develop new and more binds us together. AHEPA is a fra- The Brothers of James Plevritis Evzone Chapter 405, responsive ways to help younger ternal, grassroots organization that New Rochelle, N.Y. following an initiation ceremony. generations achieve their academic the ahepan Summer 2009

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The AHEPAN - Summer 2009
Supreme President’s Message
AHEPA Family News
AHEPA Goes Green
One Mission. . .One Fraternity. . .One AHEPA
AHEPA Answers the Call to Public Service
AHEPA Family Chapter News
Book Review

The AHEPAN - Summer 2009