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liberty Ship arrives in athens; a a Will Serve as a Floating museum Ahepan Leads Public/ Private Partnership Effort by Greek and American Officials to Preserve Vital Piece of History. t has been called a “ghost ship” and a “maritime Lazarus.” The Arthur M. Huddell is the last of the Liberty Ships, vessels which played a vital role in the efforts of the United States to aid European allies during World War II and during the Cold War years. For years, the Huddell had been anchored off Fort Eustis in Newport News Virginia and managed by the United States Maritime Administration. Today, the Huddell has arrived in Athens, thanks to an ambitious public/private partnership involving government officials and private citizens from both Greece and the United States who shared of a vision of using the last Liberty Ship as a floating museum to commemorate Greece’s maritime history and its strong ties to the United States. The Liberty Ship Project confirmed the existence of the Huddell and worked to facilitate its donation to Greece, raising funds to conduct necessary renovations and complete environmental tests necessary to finalize the donation. I “There have been a number of people, both in Greece and the United States who have been working hard to secure the donation of the Huddell for more than two years,” said Ahepan and Rhode Island State Senator Leonidas Raptakis, who helped launch the Liberty Ship Project in 2005. “Ship owners, historians, government officials, and concerned citizens in both countries have come together to make this happen…to preserve a vital piece of history and create a lasting reminder of the strong ties between Greece and the United States. What started as a dream has become a reality thanks to the commitment and dedication of people who wanted to create a living resource to educate future generations about a vital era in the world’s history.” More than 2,000 Liberty Ships were constructed in US shipyards beginning in 1942 to support the war effort. They were the first ships to be built using production line methods that resulted in a four day construction process Winter 2009 the ahepan 23

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