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housing National Housing Corp. Holds Annual Meeting Next, the directors heard two presentations – by Attorney Michael Dunne referring to management problems with harassment of all types and hostile environments. Emails should only be for business use; and by Naren Dhamodharen, an expert consultant in assisted living facilities, and conversions to Newly elected ANHC officers, from left: Christy Karthan, this type. The possibility of expanded Secretary; George Anagnostos, vice pres.; Art Poly, ANHC pres.; Nick Stratas, bd. Chairman; and Angelo Kostarides, treasurer. use of these facilities may be in the reported on options available to finance the future of the HUD program. proposed new HQ building, AMC CEO Art Poly gave his report the folThe Bylaws Committee chaired by Harry lowing day. It is expected that the HUD proLake presented its recommended changes. It gram would not be funded beyond FY2010. He covered creation of committees, two assistant cited our continued growth but the program’s vice presidents; the creation of a chairman uncertain future. A committee will report and any standing committees appointed by on recommendation for growth and internal the president. Where overlapping functions structure changes proposed. Four older properoccurred, consolidation is advised to reduce ties are planning on refinancing their high-rate the number of committees. mortgages and ANHC development is involved. The subject of the ownership of projects Three applications for the FY2009 HUD probeyond the 40-year period should be covgram were submitted without the usual ANHC ered; and the membership of the Executive co-sponsorship to overcome the ANHC 10% Committee be increased to nine members from ceiling in apartment numbers allowed. the current six members. Treasurer Angelo Kostarides presented the The Grants Committee was responsible budgets for FY2011 and FY2009 and the curto allot and distribute funds authorized by rent FY2010 through March 31. the directors to eligible applicants and chapDemetri Damaskos, development diviters with projects. Among the AHEPA intersion director, stated there are four projects nal activities were Bone Marrow; Cooley’s in final closing; five under construction and Anemia; Journey to Greece; New Smyrna one in firm commitment. Seven chapter’s Beach; Charitable Foundation; Maids of applications were submitted in the FY2009 Athena; Sons of Pericles; Archives Program; program and await approval. He has 23 Athletic Dept. For the Daughters: Penelope chapters interested in the FY2010 program. House; DOP Foundation; For external charities: The details are yet to be received. Examined Life/Greek Studies; Debora Hospital; AMC Controller Paul Children Bellevue Hosp.; Socrates Academy. Hulse reported on revFinally, the ANHC Pioneer Scholarships were enues and expenses again funded. through the March 31 The chapters with eligible projects were period and reported given a grant for each of their apartment units. annual savings in the The apartment total up to FY2010 was 3,877. Health Reimbursement Director Dennis Kiriazides reported on the Account of $430,000. on-going IT program that is being overhauled. Treasurer Kostarides Recently purchased ANHC and AMC Headquarters building. The AHEPA National Housing Corp. (ANHC) held its Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Palms Resort, Kissimmee, Fla., April 22-25, 2010. The Executive Committee met on April 22 and early 23 with the full Board of Directors meeting on April 23 and 24. The committee reviewed and predigested possible agenda items for the full directors’ meeting the next day. Among the items discussed were obtaining a new HQ building; changes expected in the program and actions needed; growth options and tax credits; status of and development of an IT program; and structure of the AMC with improvements needed. A major discussion concerned creation of a new position of Chairman/COO of AMC and head of the ANHC Development Division and whether this would be a paid position. An additional item covered the recommendations for bylaws changes. The meeting of the full directors began on the afternoon of April 23 and continued all of the following day. Chairman of the Board Nick Stratas reported on the status of the corporation. He cited the need to further increase reserves due to program uncertainties and delayed payments by HUD. At this point, the chairman introduced Supreme President Nicholas Karakostas who spoke, citing the welcomed increase in membership, the successful programs of the fraternity, and lauding the housing program since its founding by PSP Nick Smyrnis. He stated that the Order was a tax-exempt organization and asked for the continued support by the directors. 22 the ahepan Fall 2010

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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010
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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010