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message from nicholas a. Karacostas ahePa suPreme PresiDent in Service to the community, We Succeed together I am sincerely grateful to the delegates of the 88th Supreme Convention for re-electing me to serve as your Supreme President. Behind the support of a vibrant Supreme Lodge and Board of Trustees, we were able to have an extremely productive year, and I am humbled and honored to serve a second term. As the convention feature article touches on, Montreal invigorated the AHEPA family, and we left there with a strong sense of family and a renewed focus on our mission. It was refreshing to see everyone enjoying themselves to the point of spontaneous Nicholas A. Karacostas dancing during one of our most formal annual events—the Grand Banquet. Although such unprompted moments are difficult to recreate, I did feel the same camaraderie at our Governors’ Conference in September. I do hope similar memorable experiences await us at future special events such as our Northeast Regional Salute Banquet on November 20, 2010 in New Haven, Connecticut. new Supreme president’s initiative: thanks uSa Looking forward, our aim is to build upon the momentum and excitement that emanated from Montreal. Over the last few years, we have seen a revitalized grassroots presence in the community. Through various programs and initiatives we have been able to effectively address all facets of our mission in service to the community. A successful example last year was the “United We Serve” initiative to feed the less fortunate. Our chapters and members responded admirably to the call. With this philanthropic spirit in mind, I sought to identify a new initiative that resonates with other fundamental elements of the AHEPA family’s mission and composition. We are all well aware that the “E” in AHEPA stands for “Education.” The importance of obtaining a quality education was a value instilled in us by our immigrant forebears. In addition, we are all proud of the patriotism displayed by the countless number of AHEPA family members who have served in the Armed Forces over our 88-year history. Therefore, I’m pleased to announce that thanksuSa, an organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities to military families, will be this year’s “Supreme President’s Spotlight Organization.” A wonderful feature article written by Thalia Assuras about ThanksUSA is presented in this issue to help us learn more about its heartwarming founding and mission. Brothers and sisters, I believe much has been sacrificed by our military families especially during the past nine years. I feel that aside from our USO Care Package initiative in 2003 that we must do more to express our support and appreciation to an often overlooked, yet important, fabric of our society. And speaking of AHEPA and education, the AHEPA Journey to Greece Program continues to grow, strengthen, and provide a quality educational experience to collegiate students seeking to learn more about ancient and modern Greece while gaining valuable college credit and enjoying the beauty of Greece in the summer. The fifth season of the Journey came to a close over the summer and it is highlighted as a feature story in this issue. Please encourage your chapters and districts to consider sponsoring a student or two to embark on the Journey especially during these challenging economic times. It will be the best investment you will make. Finally, autumn is upon us and it is an even-number year. This means it is election time. Please remember to fulfill the civic responsibility aspect of our mission. Encourage folks to register to vote if they are not registered. Become an informed voter. And please don’t forget to vote! It is one of the most sacred rights and duties a citizen can have. 4 the ahepan Fall 2010

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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010
Supreme President’s Message
Daughters of Penelope President’s Message
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AHEPA Journey to Greece Program Successfully Completes Fifth Season
Montreal’s Charm Energizes the AHEPA Family
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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010