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Daughters of PeneloPe The Heart, Passion of the AHEPA Family Must Be Displayed By Daughters of Penelope Grand President Christine K. Constantine t is indeed gratifying to have been elected Grand President of the Daughters of Penelope. I would especially like to thank the delegates at the National Convention in Montreal for their support and confidence in me. I will work very hard to merit your approval. By now, it has become well known throughout the AHEPA family domain how the attendees at the Grand Banquet responded to the wonderful music being played during dinner. Some began to dance, and soon a majority of us (yes, me too) were dancing around the tables and “in the aisles.” It was an unexpected “great moment.” It displayed our enthusiasm for our Hellenic roots Christine K. Constantine and showed our passion for our heritage. We had a marvelous evening that will be remembered and talked about for years to come. For me, this “happening” displays the heart residing in this wonderful organization. We need to show to all global Hellenes that we are a strong group of individuals who work hard together to achieve our goals, and we also have fun! I would think that anyone, anywhere, would seek to join with us. Last year my theme was “Take the Lead with Passion,” and I will continue to emphasize it this year as Grand President. It certainly exemplifies that all of us need to have the passion to lead in our communities, chapters and districts. More importantly, it shows potential members that we are a group of professionals who have the passion for AHEPA family values and goals, and we “know how to party” as the Honorable Yolande James, Canadian minister, so rightly stated in her remarks at the Grand Banquet. I am very proud of our accomplishments during the past five years I have served on the Grand Lodge, but we need to expand our reach and increase our visibility for greater membership. Membership is our key to a successful future. We must all be ambassadors of the AHEPA family, reaching out to communities everywhere. We are experienced members who must “Take the Lead with Passion.” This is very viable for our future success. Many impressive speeches were given by AHEPA family leaders, community leaders, and awardees at the Grand Banquet, and especially by His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in Canada. He discussed the comparisons between the church and AHEPA, but his most impressive statement was a quote from Winston Churchill, “Never, Never, N-e-v-e-r give up.” And so my fellow members of the AHEPA family, take heed and remember this quote. When you get a lukewarm response for membership, continue on and never, never, never give up. I look forward to visiting with you all throughout my travels this year. Together, let’s look forward to the challenges we will face. I Fall 2010 the ahepan

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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010
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The AHEPAN - Fall 2010