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United We Serve A host of chapters fulfill AHEPA’s commitment to combat hunger L ast summer, President Barack Obama unveiled the $47,000, to feed the hungry and less fortunate in the greater “United We Serve” Initiative, calling on Americans to Merrillville and Gary areas; a portion of the United States engage in volunteerism and community service to help hit hard by the tough economic times. address the challenges facing our nation. For example, the Brothers toured the local Meals on Wheels “I’m calling on all of you to make volunteerism and comfacility, participated as kitchen and staff volunteers, and assisted munity service part of your daily life and the life of this nation,” with delivering meals to local residents on April 28, 2010. Also said President Obama. on this day, the chapter donated $1,500 to Meals on Wheels, Supreme President Nicholas A. Karacostas immediately which brought the chapter’s total donation to Meals on Wheels answered the president’s call given the spirit of AHEPA’s under the “United We Serve” campaign to $5,600. mission and its 88-year commitment to community service. “We are proud of our many Brothers who have stepped up Although President Obama’s “United We Serve” campaign was to be part of the United We Serve Initiative,” said Nick Gianikos, meant to last through last summer, AHEPA took the campaign Chapter 78 Secretary. and made it its own year-long effort that will conclude with the And that’s not where it ends for Chapter 78. 2010 Supreme Convention in Montreal. The chapter supports Ross Township Food Pantry, which “We can make a difference,” said Supreme President serves more than 300 needy families monthly and last year Karacostas when he announced AHEPA’s “United We Serve” served 16,000 persons. A group of 12 brothers responded campaign. He decided AHEPA’s camto the pantry’s request for assispaign would combat hunger, and tance to unload trucks and stock it would consist of two programs: shelves on Thursdays. The pantry support of local soup kitchens and operates out of Sts. Constantine & spearheading food collection drives. Helen Cathedral in Merrillville and The need to help feed the less is staffed by volunteer parishioners. fortunate was sadly reaffirmed by a The chapter has supplemented its November 2009 U.S. Department of “manpower” assistance with generAgriculture report which, according ous donations. In August, the chapto the New York Times, placed hunter presented a $5,000 grant to assist ger at a 14-year high in the United with the facility’s remodeling and States. The report issued some stag- Chapter 78 Brothers present a donation to Christian Haven House. donated $3,500 for the purchase gering figures, including the number of supplies. Moreover, it has made of households, 506,000, in which smaller donations during the course children faced “very low food secuof the year to help with the pantry’s rity.” This figure was up 323,000 daily operations. from the previous year. Analysts In addition, Chapter 78 is actively attribute the growth in hunger to the helping the less fortunate during rise in unemployment rates (at 10.2 the holidays. Brothers prepared a percent at the time of the report’s Thanksgiving meal for 125 troubled issue) and a rise in food prices. youths, ages six to 18, residing at In response to AHEPA’s “United Christian Haven House in Wheatfield, We Serve” initiative, many of its Ind. As a token of their appreciation, chapters answered the call admirably. the youths created and signed a large However, Chapter 78, Merrillville, “Thank You” poster for the chapter. Ind., has led by example. The chapter also donated $4,000 to Since AHEPA’s United We the House’s Equine Therapy Program. Serve campaign launched, Chapter And at Christmas, Chapter 78 pre78 has lent significant human sented the Salvation Army, Gary, and financial resources, totaling A large “Thank You” to the Brothers of Chapter 78 for their generosity. Article continued after following photo spread Summer 2010 the ahepan 15

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