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in memoriam A Titan Remembered By Basil N. Mossaidis Executive Director On Sunday May 16, 2010, a date proclaimed as AHEPA Day in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, AHEPA Past Supreme President Louis G. Manesiotis passed away. Born January 7, 1918 Elias Gregory Manesiotis was born into a hard-working family. His mother passed away when Louie was only seven years old, leaving his father to raise all the Manesiotis children. Louie shared his bed with his siblings as many depression era children did and grew to understand the importance of family, togetherness and sacrifice. Upon Louie’s completion of his studies at Niagara University where he played football, Louie joined AHEPA Aristoteles Chapter 34 in 1942 just prior to his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II in the Pacific. Louie served with distinction in the War. Upon returning to United States, he married his wife Nikki until her time of passing in 2009. Louis G. Manesiotis Louie began his AHEPA career in 1954 when his efforts as the chairman of the AHEPA Supreme Convention thrusted him into the limelight and led him to be elected AHEPA Supreme Governor. From 1954 to the present, Louie had been involved in every aspect of AHEPA. He gave 56 years of leadership to the organization. No other member had the same dedication and tenacity. AHEPA began in 1922, and in the 88 year history, few men have made sacrifices like Louie Manesiotis did. When we look back to immortal Ahepans like V.I. Chebethes and Harris Booris, the name of Louis G. Manesiotis will be fondly remembered as a leader in his time. Brother Louie worked hard for the AHEPA, serving two terms as Supreme President of the Order from 1969-1971. He assisted in the creation of the AHEPA Board of Trustees and countless other committees and programs. Brother Louie’s reach was broad. The AHEPA Cooley’s Anemia program, Juvenile Diabetes, AHEPA-Special Olympics, AHEPA Educational Foundation, St. Basil Academy, the AHEPA Athletic Program and many, many more committees were created with his inspiration. AHEPA flourished under his leadership. In 1980 Brother Louie coordinated the raising of $1 million dollars for the dormitories at St. Basil’s orphanage. In 1982 the AHEPA Housing program began, In 1986 AHEPA was the first organization of its kind to donate to the Statue of Liberty restoration and the Ellis Island restoration. Under Brother Louie’s watch the AHEPA was the first and only ethnic organization permitted by the U.S. Supreme President Manesiotis visiting President Nixon at the White House with his Supreme Lodge. Supreme President Manesiotis reviews his remarks, and Vice President and Ahepan Spiro Agnew looks on, as then-Minority Leader Gerald Ford, also an Ahepan, addresses the 1970 AHEPA Congressional Banquet. 30 the ahepan Summer 2010

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The AHEPAN - Summer 2010
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The AHEPAN - Summer 2010