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Daughters of PeneloPe A Salute to Those Who Take the Time to Fulfill Hopes and Dreams By Daughters of Penelope Grand President Elaine M. Sampanis T his year has come to a close. My term has come to an end. As you know, I will not run for a second term. This last sentiment comes as a congratulations to all the women of the Daughters of Penelope who have worked so hard this year to not only keep chapters afloat, but to those who helped increase the numbers and worked to start or reinstate new chapters. Each year it becomes more and more difficult for younger women to be involved in an organization that takes up so much time and energy, especially in uncertain economic conditions. I praise the ones who take the time from their busy lives to help others through the Daughters of Penelope. The group of ladies involved in our sisterElaine M. Sampanis hood should understand that we are not just a “club.” We truly are a sisterhood. We strive for not only self fulfillment, but for fulfilling the dreams of others through our time and energy. We help each other attain these goals to work toward a more beautiful world. I know this is idealistic. However, if we take realism as it is and never attempt to find the good in others or in this world, then we have lost all hope. And one of the basic truths about humans is that we have hopes and dreams. We are not content with our lot in life. Sisters and Brothers, take the time to listen to others. Try to understand the person next to you. Don’t jump to conclusions and decide you don’t like someone because they have different ideas or don’t support your idea. We are the AHEPA family and like all families we have our differences. Communication is the key to a strong relationship within a family. We need to strengthen our communications. Email and letters are nice, but talking to one another either on the phone or in person is far better in keeping the bond alive and well. Sisters and Brothers, I say farewell to you as your 2009-2010 Grand President. I wish all of you success in your individual lives, with your families and communities, and in your careers. May the coming years bring good health. Thank you for affording me the privilege to be your Grand President. I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and renewing acquaintances with those I met in years gone by. This has been an extremely rewarding experience. Summer 2010 the ahepan 5

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of The AHEPAN - Summer 2010

The AHEPAN - Summer 2010
Table of Contents
Supreme President’s Message
Daughters of Penelope President’s Message
Sons and Maids Presidents’ Messages
AHEPA Family News
Book Review
Annual Excursion Continues to Build Bridges, Seek Solutions
United We Serve
Chicago’s Regional Salute Banquet Inspires, Honors Many from Midwest
Civic Responsibility
2010 Athletics Calendar
AHEPA Family Chapter News
In Memoriam

The AHEPAN - Summer 2010