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AHEPA Forms AHEPA PAC to Enhance Presence in Washington By creating the PAC, AHEPA can enlist support from its membership to better educate federal policymakers about the importance of the Greek American community while working toward its mission of promoting Hellenic ideals within the United States. “AHEPA PAC is fundamental for augmenting and strengthening our voice on behalf of the American Hellenic community by opening additional lines of communication with members of Congress and their staffs and allowing us to compete with entities that support candidates whose efforts are contrary to our mission,” said the PAC’s Chairman, Nicholas Karacostas. “AHEPA PAC will display the community’s collective support for those candidates for federal public office who in turn support the causes for which we advocate every day.” The goals of AHEPA PAC are: • To position AHEPA as a leading voice in the community; • To support members of Congress and candidates who appreciate a strong American Hellenic community and the mission of AHEPA; and • To educate and mobilize the membership of AHEPA to play a more active role in the political process. T he American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA) created the american hellenic educational progressive association political action committee (ahepa pac) in 2010 to enhance its leadership on behalf of the American Hellenic community by helping to elect members of Congress who appreciate a strong American Hellenic community and the mission of AHEPA. Who Can Participate in AHEPA PAC? AHEPA PAC is only allowed to solicit members of AHEPA and their families for contributions, according to federal law. Any contributions from individuals outside of those eligible to contribute will be returned after screening. Comerica Bank, Detroit, manages the recordkeeping and reporting services of AHEPA PAC. “We thank the chapters that have helped to offset the costs of administering the PAC,” added Karacostas. If you would like to learn more about AHEPA PAC, and the participation guidelines, please contact The above information is provided for information purposes only. Winter 2010-11 the ahepan 15

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The AHEPAN - Winter 2010/2011