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tHe periCleAn —tHe VoiCe oF tHe sons oF periCles Membership Triples as Result of New Initiative The Sons of Pericles has had a great start to 2011. Our efforts over the past year are shown in our membership numbers. We have doubled, nearly tripled, our membership in 2010 and the outlook is very promising for 2011. In addition to the chapters we gained last year, we are already in talks to reactivate more chapters. The initiative where new members between the ages of fourteen to seventeen are allowed to join at no cost and members eighteen and up obtain dual membership in the Sons of Pericles and AHEPA is paying off. All of the Supreme Lodge members have been working diligently on the Northeast. the initiative, and we have been receiving The Sons a lot of encouragement from out National of Pericles Advisor, Chris Economides, Jr. Supreme Lodge Recently, the Sons of Pericles held its is well on its “Greeks in LA Weekend” in Los Angeles, way to creating January 14-16, 2011. Part of the weekend the framework included the SOP Western Regional Basketball for another Tournament held on the campus of UCLA. The Spiro Nicolopoulos successful year. event was a success attracting young Greeks We Voice committed to the success of our from all over the western The PStates. Just —The are fully of The SonS of PericleS United ericlean Order and the AHEPA family. The Sons of around the corner, we are preparing for our Pericles is the future of AHEPA. However, Eastern Regional Basketball Tournament in Membership Triples as Result we need Initiative the New York City area. We expect this to be of New support from the AHEPA family to ensure AHEPA’s success. another successful event, drawing teams fromsuccessfully spearheaded by our futureThe Sons of initiative was As 2010 comes to a close, the Sons of PericlesSupreme Lodge will bring in the New Year with even more momentum and enthusiasm than we ended with Spiro Nicolopoulos in 2010. We are fully committed to the success of our Order and the AHEPA family. The Sons of Pericles are the future of AHEPA, but we are here now and we need support from the AHEPA family to ensure the success of AHEPA in the future. “Greeks in LA Weekend” Nets New Members, Proceeds for Charity National Advisor, Chris Economides, Jr., at the Pericles continued the growth that it has gained 2010 National Convention. over the past few years. Almost tripling our Looking ahead, we plan to continue to membership over the past year, new Sons have strive toward achieving the goals of our been introduced into the Order all across the Order (promoting Hellenism, Education, country in places such as: Montreal, Canada; Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Chicago, Gainesville, Florida; Upper Darby, Athletics) through a variety of events. Some Pennsylvania; and Bridgeport, Connecticut; just of these events include, an essay contest, our to name a few. This new growth is the result of annual National Project, regional basketball a new initiative in our Order and AHEPA where tournaments, and volunteering in our local new members between the ages of fourteen to seventeen are allowed to join at cost and The Sons of Pericles Supreme Lodge hosted its annual westernnoRegional communities. Details about all of our events Basketball and accomplishments can be found on our members eighteen and up obtain dual memberTournament January 14-16, 2011. The “Greeks in LA the Sons of Pericles and AHEPA. scheduled night Weekend 2011” had This website ( ship in Southside Chicago Chapter Reactivated events and basketball games from Friday, January 14, 2011 through Sunday January 16, 2011. Members of the Sons, Maids, and Greek-American community from across the North America, SOP District 8 Basketball Tournament Halloween Fun for including Albany, N.Y. and Calgary, Alberta, came to Los Angeles. Basketball teams represented Sons Chapters SOP Chapter 27 President Seattle, from Portland, Ore., the Community By Jason Vergados, Salt Lake City, Long Beach, Calif., and San By Jimmy Googas, With no more than 2 1 2 months Francisco, among /others. of planning, the Boston SOP successfully organized SOP Chapter 44 President a District 8 basketball tournament. On the weekend of October 22-24, six local teams Saturday morning marked the competed for the championship and our brother chapter from Waterbury, Conn., start spot. The six local teams were comprised to on UCLA’s cities and towns of Boston, of the basketball tournament represent the Roslindale, Peabody, Lynn and two from Worcester. campus. Games were played simultane- were DecemberLynn’s2010, the Sons of Pericles The games On played at 20, Orthodox Church, the ously at the Student Activity St. George Greek reinstated Ypsilanti Chapter 22 on the South Center’s Side and the Agganis home of Harry Agganis of Chicago. Sons of Pericles Supreme three-court gymnasium. The Basketball Tournament which boasts Michalopulos presided over tournaSecretary Michael the from across the ment’s “Final Four” took place on more than 15 teams reinstatement ceremony. Newly sworn in Sunday. members of Ypsilanti Chapter 22 are (front row, country. As a result of the tournament, Congratulations to Long Beach for winning the championship. San Francisco came inchapter posted a healthy profit; a Peter Korbos, SimonAlbany Sons carried secl-r): Angelo Tzianis, On October 23 and 24, the Versis, our Bobby Markatos, and Maids HalloweenHaunted House at the Sons and Peter annual Party for row, lond, and Salt Lake City, third. Thanasi Panagiotakopoulos of Long Beach (and alumnus ofof which will be given to the out their Boudis. (Backthe children of our percentage r): I can confidently community. Les, Dan Contos, SOP National Project.Sean Moody, Bill Les, Peter More than 130 people attended. the 2008 AHEPA All-star Team that travelled to Greece) received the Tournament MVP troThis free Peter Klementzos say that we have Kosmo Karides, Jim Pappas, event was a great way to give back brought in more than phy. Five other players from various teams also 40 new members to the Boston Chapter. There is awards. for a block of these new Parhas. received honorable mention MVP also potential Nick Jonas, and A.J. to the community. “Greeks in LA Weekend 2011” was another members to break-off and create a new chapter in Worcester, Mass. major success for the Sons of Pericles. The Lodge For more Sons of Pericles News received 2011 membership dues for 50 initiated SOP MEMBERSHIP: and to sign-up for our Ages 14 –17 Ages 18 –27 members. It was also able to raise a considerable Periclean E-Newsletter visit $40 as Dual Members FREE! amount of money for its 2011 National Project that of AHEPA and SOP provides assistance for families in need. February 2011 THE AHEPAN March 2011 the ahepan 7

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