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Housing Five Chapters Vie for HUD 202 Projects for FY2010 Program All Housing articles by George Anagnostos, PSS The AHEPA National Housing Corp. and five AHEPA chapters have completed applications for the final HUD 202 projects to be awarded in the delayed FY2010 program. The 202 program that produced most of the 92 properties has been terminated following these submissions. The corporation is investigating new methods of continuing the development of housing units for the elderly. The announcement of the availability of units was delayed until recently and the number of units nationwide was set at 2,700. Under the guidelines, the ANHC as a sponsor could submit a maximum of 10% or 270 units in this final program. Two new AHEPA chapters have made applications. One is AHEPA Chapter 88, Warren, Ohio, requesting 50 units. The Chairman for this group is Gus Polychronis. The second new chapter is AHEPA 268, Spartanburg, S.C., requesting 40 units. Chairman for this group is John Polydorou. Attempting to add a third property on the heels of its just opened second property is AHEPA 58 of Wethersfield, Conn. This property would be located in South Windsor, Conn. and 50 units are anticipated. Chairman is John Melonopoulos, who is recently retired from the AHEPA Management Co. The Brothers of AHEPA Chapter 67, Webster, N.Y. are seeking their third property as well. They are requesting 50 units and the Chair is Dennis Kiriazides. The fifth and final submission to HUD is being made by AHEPA 232 seeking its fourth property in Indianapolis. Chair for this group is Angelo Kostarides. The corporation has high hopes of garnering the 240 of the 270 units allowed in this final program. HUD’s decision is not expected until the fall, at the earliest. Allard Sparks Charitable Works Marion Allard, one of the very first to move into the AHEPA 296 Apartments in Pensacola, Fla., has led two important charitable endeavors. Marion observed in 2009 that some residents had no one with whom to have Thanksgiving. So, she and her daughter, Linda Malamo and granddaughter Angelina Malamo, prepared a complete Thanksgiving dinner for them. She continued the program this year and plans to do so in the future. The AHEPA 296 Board donated the supplies for the feasts. Shortly after the opening of the apartments in 2008, Marion and others began a program to assist Penelope House and Penelope’s Closet in Mobile, Ala. The apartment residents would donate any unneeded serviceable items and on a given day each month, residents could swap for an item they could use. All the leftover items, along with the AHEPA and Daughters chapters’ contributions were then taken to Penelope House. When Penelope House Executive Director Tonie Ann Torrans visited last November, she returned with 14 bags of clothes. Chapter 296 President D. Georgiades and Past Chapter 296 President J. Georgiades drove a truck filled with donations for Penelope’s Closet. The residents and the chapters plan to continue this worthwhile program. Projects Working to Come into Operation The HUD 202 projects awarded to AHEPA and Daughters chapters are in various stages of development. Projects that have submitted firm commitments to HUD are: AHEPA/DOP 60, Mishawaka, Ind.; AHEPA 53-IV, St Louis, Mo.; and AHEPA/ DOP 54-II, Houston. The AHEPA 63, Tallmadge, Ohio, property is going to Initial Closing. It is the first project for the corporation to have incorporated Tax Credit financing. The funds were utilized to upgrade construction materials and to meet Greening Guidelines. In New Orleans, the AHEPA 133/ Penelope 55 Apartments project has been delayed by legal actions brought against the city and the apartments. The apartments have won all the appeals and one final hurdle remains, the State Supreme Court, before construction may commence. The ANHC has been actively pursuing other 202 projects to acquire in cities and towns with active AHEPA and/or Daughters chapters nearby. This will be the standard practice until the future replacement of the 202 program becomes known. Residents, from left, Mary Johnston, Maxine Myser, and Marion Allard and granddaughter Angelina Malamo, who prepared the Thanksgiving dinner. From left: T. A. Torrans, executive dir. Penelope House; J. Mohamed, Board secretary; resident Marion Allard; J. O’Neil, Board president and D. O’Neil, Daughters president. 12 the ahepan May 2011

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