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tHe periCleAn —tHe VoiCe oF tHe sons oF periCles Membership Triples as Result of New Initiative On March 25th, I had the honor of representing the Sons of Pericles at the Greek Embassy in Washington and at The White House for Greek Independence Day commemoration events. At the embassy, I met Ambassador of Greece to the U.S., Vassilis Kaskarelis, and various other officials from the embassies of Greece and Cyprus. The event was highlighted by a speech from Archbishop Demetrios which was very informative and inspirational. Later in the day we made our way to The White House to attend the President Barack Obama’s address for Greek Independence Day. The elegance of The White House and cost and memthe prestige of attending a presidential bers eighteen reception made me proud to be representand up obtain ing the Sons of Pericles. dual memberBeing a member of an organization that ship in the Sons the president of the United States and diploof Pericles and matic officials of Greece has recognized makes AHEPA is paythe efforts of the Sons of Pericles this year, and ing off for both in past years, worthwhile. Moving forward, this Spiro Nicolopoulos Orders. provides an additional drive for hard work to V the of The SonS of P to make increase our membership The Periclean —The AsoiceSupreme Lodge begins ericleS numbers and raise plans for the Supreme Convention in Miami money for our projects. We are very close to this July, we look forward to seeing all of our reaching our goal of tripling our membership Membership years ago. The Result members come together from just a few shortTriples as initiative of New Initiative to experience the bonds of brotherhood The Sons of known by the as only where2010 comes to a close, between the ageswas successfully spearheaded by our initiative of As new members the Sons of Pericles continued the growth that it allowed members Jr., the Pericles fourteen to seventeen are has gained toNational Advisor, Chris Economides, of at the Order. Supreme join at no Albany Sons and Maids Chapters Thank Community for its Support The Sons of Pericles Chapter 44 and thank the St. Sophia Community for its being treated and cared for by the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center. The chapters are especially appreciative of the support provided by the Arthur Kontogiannis Family to the SOP District 8 thank the following Halloween Fun for Junior Orders and to the Albany Medical Center. In addition, the chaptersBasketball Tournament individuals at the hospital: Robert Saba, senior development officerChapter 27 President of Leadership Gifts; Dr. the Community By Jason Vergados, SOP Jennifer Pearce, Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer and Blood Disorders; and Natalie Mahler, By Jimmy Googas, With no more than 2 1/2 months of planning, the Boston SOP successfully organized certified child life specialSOP Chapter 44 President a District 8 basketball tournament. On the weekend of October 22-24, six local teams ist. Finally, the chapters are The Albany Sons of Pericles Chapter 44 began and our brother chapter from Waterbury, Conn., competed for the championship spot. The six local teams were comprised to represent the cities an annualof Boston, honoring one distinguished and towns event of grateful to Jewelie Koutelis Roslindale, Peabody, Lynn and two from Worcester. member of the Greek community by holding a for her donation of books The games were played in their honor. This year, the chapter breakfast at Lynn’s St. George Greek chose to Church, the Michael Melas, who is an Orthodox honor Dr. to the hospital and for her home of Harry Agganis and and Agganis Archon the an influential man in the Albany volunteer activities on behalf Basketball Tournament community for more than 50 years. A Greek which boasts more than 15 teams from across the of the children. Her devotion total of 154 people were in attendance includcountry. As a result of the tournament, ing AHEPA District 6 On October 23 and 24,Gallis and carried Lt. Gov. Chris the Albany Sons is greatly appreciated by the our chapter posted a healthy profit; a Supreme Governor ofout their annual Haunted House at the Sons and the Sons of Pericles Albany AHEPA Family. percentage of which will be given to the Maids Halloween Party for the children of our George confidently community. More worked very SOP National Project. I canPappas. The entire chapterthan 130 people attended. This free event $625 for to say that we have hard on this event, which raisedwas a great waythegive back brought in more than Sons National new to the community. 40 new members to the Boston Chapter. There is also potential for a block of these Project. members to break-off and create a new chapter in Worcester, Mass. For more Sons of Pericles News and to sign-up for our Periclean E-Newsletter visit 2010 National Convention. over the past few years. Almost tripling our Looking ahead, we plan to continue to membership over the past year, new Sons have strive toward achieving the goals of our been introduced into the Order all across the Order (promoting Hellenism, Education, country in places such as: Montreal, Canada; Philanthropy, Civic Responsibility, and Chicago, Gainesville, Florida; Upper Darby, Athletics) through a variety of events. Some Pennsylvania; and Bridgeport, Connecticut; just of these events include, an essay contest, our to name a few. This new growth is the result of annual National Project, regional basketball a new initiative in our Order and AHEPA where tournaments, and volunteering in our local new members between the ages of fourteen to Maids of seventeen are allowed to 48 of no cost and N.Y., wish toDetails about all of our events Athena Chapter join at Albany, communities. and accomplishments can be found on our members eighteen and up obtain dual membergenerousship in the Sonsof gifts andAHEPA. This the children donation of Pericles and toys for website ( Albany SOP Awards Brunch Honoring Archon Dr. Michael Melas Lodge will bring in the New Year with even more momentum and enthusiasm than we ended with Spiro Nicolopoulos in 2010. We are fully committed to the success of our Order and the AHEPA family. The Sons of Pericles are the future of AHEPA, but we are here now and we need support from the AHEPA family to ensure the success of AHEPA in the future. FREE! Ages 14 –17 SOP MEMBERSHIP: Ages 18 –27 $40 as Dual Members of AHEPA and SOP February 2011 THE AHEPAN May 2011 the ahepan 9

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