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Visit to Jerusalem a Historic First
The 2011 excursion included a landmark visit to Jerusalem, April 1618, 2011. It was the first-ever official With President of the Republic of Cyprus Christofias. visit to Jerusalem by AHEPA. With Cypriot Foreign Minister Kyprianou “Our visit to Jerusalem was long and Ambassador Kakouris. overdue,” said Supreme President Nicholas Karacostas. “It was a tremendously moving experience for the delegation to be here especially at this time of year.” In Jerusalem, meetings were held with officials from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Israel’s National Security Council on April 17. An audience with Archbishop Chrysostomos. With President of Parliament Karoyan. “Our meetings exceeded all expectations,” added Karacostas. “We sincerely thank the Israeli government for helping to make this historic visit a success. Our Support for Cyprus Reaffirmed commitment to keep the dialogue going is steadfast, and we The excursion continued with a visit to the Republic of look forward to continuing to play an integral role as relations Cyprus, April 14-16, 2011. between Greece and Israel, and Cyprus and Israel, develop.” During the Cyprus leg, the AHEPA family leadership met In October 2010, AHEPA hosted a groundbreaking conwith President of the Republic of Cyprus Dimitris Christofias. ference on emerging relations between Greece and Israel. At the Presidential Palace, the president greeted the AHEPA According to Karacostas, the importance of this conference family with open arms and asked the entire delegation to sit was emphasized at the meetings. at his cabinet meeting table where a discussion about the developments of the Cyprus talks ensued. Many issues, ideas and scenarios were discussed and the supreme president spoke openly about the AHEPA’s commitment to assisting whenever possible. The AHEPA family delegation also met with American Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus Frank Urbancic, Jr., Cypriot Foreign Minister Markos Kyprianou and Ambassador Andreas Kakouris, director, Foreign Minister’s Office; President of the Parliament Marios Karoyan, and His Beatitude Archbishop Chrysostomos on April 15. “Our meetings in Nicosia were excellent,” said Karacostas. “We were briefed about the ongoing direct talks under the United Nations framework that seek to reunite Cyprus and its people. Our commitment to keep the Cyprus issue at the forefront of the community remains unwavering.” He added that Foreign Minister Kyprianou was extremely appreciative of AHEPA’s efforts and asked AHEPA to never forget the Cyprus issue. While in Cyprus, the delegation honored Mr. Photon Photiades at a reception hosted at the home of former Mayor of Nicosia Michael Zampelas. In addition, two new AHEPA chapters were initiated and installed at the reception. The new Brethren received their AHEPA membership cards and pins from Supreme President Karacostas, who was born in Kyrenia, Cyprus.

palm Sunday at church of the holy Sepulcher
In addition, the AHEPA family delegation attended Palm Sunday service at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher officiated by His Beatitude Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine Theophilos III. The delegation also had a private audience with His Beatitude after the service. “It was truly an amazing experience that we all will remember for our lifetimes,” said Karacostas. “We are deeply

With Patriarch of Jerusalem and All Palestine Theophilos III.

The delegation toured many Holy Sites, including the prison where Jesus was held awaiting trial. With Baruch Bina, deputy director general, North America Division, and Martin Peled Flex, director, North America Department, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


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The AHEPAN - July 2011

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