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AhepA FAmily ChApter News
and son in law of two previous recipients were honored when Brother Veras received the award, previously bestowed on his father, James Veras, and his father in law, Magistrate Federal Judge James Gallas, an Ahepan, who was in attendance at the Ceremony. Brother Veras is an Emmy Award-winning television Producer and current President of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enterprise. and she wanted it to be a part of a special moment in her brother’s life—as well as all the initiates.

District 12
Sons of Pericles Sophocles Chapter 53, Gary/Merrillville, Ind.—After 25 years of dormancy, the chapter was reactivated on May 1, 2011, thanks to the help of AHEPA District Governor Nick Kavadas, AHEPA Chapter 78 President Lou Gikas, and Ahepan Nick Chimitris, who will serve as Sons Advisor. More than 30 young men were initiated into the Sons of Pericles. The chapter officers are: President Stavros Zahariadis, Vice-President Nick Adams, Secretary Steve Krinakis, and Treasurer John Panos. Sons Supreme Secretary Michael Michalopoulos was present. A special Bible was used for the ceremony. It was printed in 1899 and was loaned for the ceremony by Brother Chimitris’ special needs daughter, Katherine, sister of initiate, Stephen. The Bible was presented to her on the occasion of a milestone moment in her life AHEPA Chapter 78, Merrillville, Ind.— Brothers and their wives visited the St. Jude House in Crown Point, a family shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children. It was in honor of Mother’s Day. The chapter purchased and delivered supplies for the St. Jude’s “Wish List” and presented a $1,000 donation to Director Mary Govert. Last August, the chapter provided a grant toward St. Jude’s kitchen renovation project. The donation received local media coverage. Pictured are: Sam Benjamin, John Demetrakis and Nick Tournis. The chapter also donated $1,500 to Ross Township to assist in maintaining bus service for senior citizens and disabled residents. The donation was presented to Ross Township Trustee Joe Shudick.

District 14
AHEPA Chapter 192, Des Moines, Iowa— The Brothers participated in the Adopt-aHighway Clean Up. The chapter has been a part of the program for more than 17 years. Pictured (l-r): P. Cade, D. Hackett, H. Zubulake, J. Karthan, C. Axiotis, G. Mirras, G. Christ and C. Notis, (photographer).

District 20
AHEPA Chapter 219, Phoenix, Ariz.—The chapter held its Third Annual Mother’s Day Brunch, which was a great success. More than 160 persons attended. The chapter now has 74 members and has a goal of reaching 100 members by the end of the year.

District 24
AHEPA Chapter CJ10, Edmonton, Alberta— The chapter celebrated AHEPA Day at St. George Greek Orthodox Church, Edmonton. Pictured are (l-r): Judge Dean Saks, John Pontikes, Past Canadian President Nicholas Spillios, and Father John Kaoukakis.

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The AHEPAN - July 2011

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